Restaurant Apps for a Reason

Every business looks for an upgrade and restaurant business is nothing less. The restaurant industry has seen an unexpected upraise in its business with the mobile technology. Any business now takes apps into account to increase awareness of the brand, show their loyalty to customers and to boost the sales process. Let’s take a look at the benefits that mobile apps ensure for the restaurant industry.

The restaurant apps prove to have a greater market share in comparison with other industries. That is., in 2014, there was a $160 million reach and that was a rise when compared to the 2014 statistics. The share was increased twice the amount says statistics.

There are 2 main trends in the restaurant apps market which are as follows:

1. Customer-centric Approach:

Restaurants introduce mobile apps for online food ordering system keeping customers in the first place. Yes, customers can get an extra channel to approach your business, have a personalized feel towards your business through the continuous notifications at apt times and also build a trust of a secure and safe payment system. All this is what a customer really needs.

2. Quick Service:

Restaurants aim at proving a quick service in addition to increasing their business sales. Restaurant management software goes hand in hand for this. The mobile apps for restaurant come with a feature where customers can do a pre-order of what they need. They can either get it delivered or pick up food from the location, without spending much time for waiting. This not only is a benefit for customers, but also for the restaurant managers to schedule their orders accordingly.

Online ordering system for restaurants is now completely customizable according to your requirement. Apart from which, by default, this food delivery software come out with amazing features. Grab one of them, analyze and get started with those to see the difference in business for good.

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Restaurant Customer Management Ideas

There is no greater driver of success than when a business understands its customers. When customers are understood – their needs, purchasing behavior, and preferences – everything else becomes clearer. Without customer data, how can a restaurant decide which menu items to remove, what specials to make, or what promotions to offer? With a strong understanding of the customer, restaurateurs can confidently make decisions about their business.

A CRM system is the technology used to collect, store, and manage information about customers. When a restaurant’s CRM is an integrated module in its point of sale system (where customers place orders, run payments, make requests), restaurant operators have the ability to collect an unprecedented amount of information about their customers.

Ways a restaurant’s CRM initiative can turnaround customer churn:

Gathering Client Data:

When a CRM system is built in to an all-in-one POS system, all of the fragmented data is compiled in a central location to create a detailed database of customers’ contact information and order history.

If it’s a truly integrated POS, the contact history is not limited only to in-house purchases. If you host your online ordering and delivery services through your POS system, for instance, you can collect customer data for your online customers as well as your in-store guests. The information collected and stored in the CRM can then be used to gain valuable insight about your customers. A restaurant owner can use the data stored in the CRM to identify the most regular customers, the highest spending guests, and what each customer orders. They can do the menu engineering to decide about what to keep and remove from the menu to improve margins.

Rewarding Potential Customers:

Loyalty and rewards programs have become a commonplace in restaurants as they strive to keep their customers coming back. Once you have the ability to identify your highest spending and most regular guests, you can reward them to show your appreciation for their business, encouraging them to return to the restaurant.

When your POS system has an integrated CRM system, loyalty programs become easier to promote and manage.

Marketing Strategies:

The ability to access and segment customer data allows restaurant owners to easily create personalized marketing campaigns to drive guests back into their restaurants. They can send email to a list of customers with the data collected,segment the data to offer personalized deals and discounts based on purchase history. A restaurant owner can then take that list of customers and offer a promotion on a dish they’ve enjoyed in the past.

A comprehensive and accessible CRM system enables restaurateurs to better understand their guests, create long-term relationships with customers, and make the best decisions for their businesses.

Personalize your clients experience so that you no longer rely on paper notes and staff memories.

A CRM system helps the owner to get to know their customer.

1. Customer contact details

2. Frequency of visits

3. Preferences on meals

4. Average spend per visit

When linked to the restaurant pos software, it can provide valuable reports and analysis on:

1. Most popular menu items

2. Items that are not selling

3. Busiest days/ nights and help identify the reasons why

4. If it is a nationally franchised or chain of restaurants, it can provide the franchisor with information on which regions are performing better than others.

This becomes the basis for communication with the customer, helps track customer trends and feeds into marketing plans.

Customer retention

To make the customer’s experience with your restaurant a unique one that keeps them coming back! In addition to all the advantages a CRM solution gives you mentioned above, it will also provide a couple of other useful functions to promote a positive relationship with the customer.

1. Customer feedback and suggestions: Rather than just a one-sided conversation, i.e. the restaurant communicating with the customer, online food ordering system is a tool for the customer to speak to the restaurant.

2. Customer complaints: Don’t lose a customer over a badly handled complaint.

Be quick to respond while they are still in the restaurant,and do follow ups to send a voucher/coupon, for example, which invites them back. Dealing promptly and efficiently with a dissatisfied customer usually calms them down and will make the difference in losing that customer forever.

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How to Upgrade your Restaurant Business with an App?

The growth of any business depends upon the profits earned by running it. Nowadays, we find many new restaurants which are available near our surroundings. Restaurant apps support to grow your restaurant business as well as provide ordering solutions with the digital restaurant menu. They include modules for Customer App, Waiter App, Kitchen Interface, Front Desk and Back Office.

Every business man before investing in anything thinks the benefits of investment. Why should a restaurant owner implement this application in their business? What benefits will the restaurant owner get? How will the application help to grow the business?

The main goal of any restaurant is to satisfy their customers in terms of services as well as food.Customer app will help you to give utmost customer satisfaction in terms of services.

With the help of apps, it has become easy for any customer to order food items using the digital restaurant menu from their mobile. The customer neither has to wait for a waiter to approach their table nor wait in a long queue, as the app comes up with the following benefits:-

1. Easy to login the app using social media accounts like Facebook or Google Plus.
2. Can place orders from their mobile phone.
3. Easy to repeat the order which the customer has previously ordered in the last visit
4. Can keep a track of ordered food.
5. Need not have to wait for a waiter to provide the bill. They can pay the bill directly through mobile phone.
6. Can easily manage multiple orders
7. Customization of the orders by placing a comment
8. Manage to get separate menus for drinks and food
9. Time is the most prominent factor, so the customer app helps in saving the time of the customer and gives utmost customer satisfaction by speedy services.

How apps help in growing your restaurant business?

1. Most of the apps come up with end to end ordering solution. Waiter app makes the work of the waiter easy and fast. 2. Features of the waiter apps include,
3. Managing orders from different dining areas
4. Easy to keep a track of available and occupied tables
5. Can provide special preparation request to kitchen or bar without entering that area
6. Enables in combining orders of different tables and can cater easily to large set of diners
7. Able to manage the waiting list of the customers along with their contact details
8. Able to cancel the order before entering the order in kitchen.
9. Makes it easy to parcel the take away orders
10. Can send the notification to the waiters or service staff to assist the customer and fulfill the requirement of the customer
11. Helps in tracking and providing quick services to customers and hence save their time.
12. It becomes a tedious job for a waiter to manage and maintain the orders of multiple tables as well as of multiple customers. So the waiter app helps in this case. The waiter can work speedily without making any mistake in taking multiple orders and serving them.

How does this application help in growing your business?

1. More customer satisfaction, thereby more chances of the customer to return back to the restaurant for continual services.
2. Improved operational efficiency in placing as well as delivering accurate orders.
3. Data stored in a safe and secure way.
4. Discount offers and deals attract the customer to visit the restaurant frequently.
5. Easy to track multiple orders of the customers and provide accurate bills to them
6. Manage multiple tables as well as large set of diners in the restaurant
7. Easy to keep a track of the customers in wait and serve them rapidly

Restaurant management software system provides end to end ordering, service and management solutions. The application reduces the work of the waiter and provides accuracy in taking as well as delivering the order to the customer with flexible payment methods. Customers can track the process right from ordering the food to settling the bill and giving away reviews. Apps provide hassle free services to your customers in the best possible way.

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A Roadmap of Restaurants in an App

Are you still searching for restaurants in your area with the road map or directory? Well, aren’t we too ahead in life and have become lazy to swipe pages to search for all those restaurants before picking the perfect one for dinner? Yes, 80% of the crowd thinks like us! Customers nowadays use mobile apps to search for restaurants nearby, either to order food, pick up their food or dine over there. Can things get more simpler?
How does a mobile app work for this?

Wondering how this would work? The admin of the mobile app would get hold of the restaurants in specific areas and start adding them. Customers can search restaurants based on location. A GPS system will also be provided by which the customer can search for restaurants near his location. The menu items along with the price will be mentioned. Suitable filters can also be used in order to filter menu items. Order can be placed and the status of order can be tracked.

Scope of the concept- In a business perspective

If you are keen on how this business would success, here’s to explain you that! The restaurants will be changed for being displayed in the app. Some apps will be allowing a free trial and charge later. Other systems will be giving it completely for free. But if a customer books orders through the app to the specific restaurant, then a specific commission can be charged. This way the restaurants will get an extra channel to promote their business and the online food ordering system owner will earn in ample.

Isn’t this a great business idea? Interested but don’t know how to step up to the next level? Get a free consultation! Visit Clouddish – cloud-based restaurant management software and start chatting with our experts. Give your queries the clear cut answers!

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The Growing App Development Economies

Any business you take, there’s one thing that’s common- Customer attention! Every step the business takes is to gain the good will of customers.

To attain this, the company needs to be updated with the latest trends that exert a pull on customers, ain’t it? The booming mobile app technologies is now the channel to catch your customers attention. Gone are the days when websites where the core business modes.


With the growing app technology, industries have completely started on focusing the marketing and promotional stuff of apps. Besides, a mere app that’s left untouched has nothing worth, in the current day.

Let’s take the example of a supermarket wherein the customer purchases a product that appears in front of him and that which gets his attention. That’s the same way for an app store. Perhaps, there is a great challenge waiting for the search and marketing industry because of apps.

According to a recent survey, it has been revealed that on an average 20,000 developers created a mix of apps with a revenue of approx. $100,000.

It’s now time to think more about the strategic ways to bridge the funding gap. This is nothing but the time between making a sale and getting paid by the app store.

App economy varies depending upon the quality and usability of each app. Hence, there are the main factors to consider before developing an app in the perspective of economy and growth of the business.

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