5 tips that will enable better mobile commerce marketing

If you ask that mobile devices are worth the treatment it gets from the consumers, then the answer is, it has handled more worth of the exploitation of the users. Websites have become synonymous with mobile commerce and e-commerce businesses.


Never say never when it comes to a responsive design that will fulfill the customer’s needs that keep changing every day.


So, what exactly does mobile strategies evolve? And what are the changes that effect mobile commerce, as a result?


1. Optimize at the local level

Search engine results are now based on localization i.e., giving results that will be pertinent to your location, where you are based. Google searches are now made on a localized criteria by the users and nearly 87% of users make use of their phones to do these searches. Local information is searched upon by the users which constitutes 95% of mobile usage for business purposes alone.

If you want to search a nearby burger cornershops, you try searching nearby areas and for that purpose, it is best to use what? Nothing but a mobile.

So, it is advisable to use a Google Places for a mobile commerce management.


2. Near field communications [NFC]

Near field communication is a transmitter that delivers information to a mobile user based on their searches made on their app. Example is Apple’s iBeacons which offers product promotional messages and other information to their customers enabling them to use their services without much queues.


Such near field communication gives the user more selective information which looks into location, user behaviour and profiles. This enables better conversion rates as it gets easy and better attention from customers.


3. Paying over the mobile

Even if you try harder paying through debit cards or cash will not be suffice to make a quick payment than a mobile payment methods. This is considered as an alternate payment method which includes 43% of online transactions. There are many platforms available in the market and its a growing technological conversation that can happen both offline and online.


4. Scanning the barcode

Scanning technology introduced by Amazon is a great electronic device which scans your home products whenever they are finished or used. You can order fresh ones using this device and get them delivered to your home. This is a great new technology which can be substituted with your smartphone too by using the camera.


5. Designing the mobile screen

People more and more thronging to mobile usage need a very good responsive design that will be easy to browse pages as well as screen and scroll items according to their convenience. Otherwise, it would be an outright rejection from the users. A good adaptible screen viewing that comprises easy page load times will improve SEO results and accessibilty by the users.

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