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Mobile apps services are finding a niche place in the app industry which caters to on-demand service and on-call service. Top players have proved this possible which has found encouragement among other start-up companies to follow through. A start-up company named ‘Button’ published its results about smart phone behaviour to statistical surveyors.


The survey proves that the prospects of on-demand apps are in abundance, though the success rates of online usage among even giant app providers being lesser; still the untapped market is expected to grow a lot more. Assuming that the market is in a blossoming stage, the growth potential is enormous.

The On-Demand Economy is an organization meant to analyse the trends n the on-demand app economy states that the apps’ competence in expanding buyer’s habits of interface usage has grown in the last five years. It is expected to grow more and more in the future, given the consumers’ acquaintance is positive.

The organization also states that the mobile app market will induce a radical change by taking up on-demand transport services and encourage lesser purchase of vehicles and cars in the future. There will be shift from using own cars to taking up on-demand app transport services.

The reason that localization being an advantage on a mobile device for the users and for the provider to read buyer behaviour and customer’s location information is testimony to enabling them to a closer reach.  The survey also noted that stiff competition among companies might bring out giant provider companies and in the process smaller companies will end up in mergers with the large companies. Since the objective of service is the constant like restaurant online ordering, pick up and drop of customers etc., merger is a possibility but on a long run.

But smaller mobile application development companies can prevail if they concentrate on their core business and dedicated customers. The other possibility is a partnership between huge companies and start-up companies creating an agreement in such a way that it links the app to request a car or service needed from the bigger company. ‘Button’ was founded for this purpose says, Tanner Hackett founder of Button. A good example is that of Starbucks and Postmates linking their apps and services.

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