The Changing Restaurant Culture

By changing culture, we mean the restaurant businesses are adapting to newer technologies on cloud, mobile devices, social media sites etc. This is an endeavour that is aimed to bring better relations and service quality between customers as well as the restaurant industry. Irrespective of the technological advancement, the technique to keep up your regular customers’ interests and the growing new customers is going to be a big challenge.


The expected sales in the food industry in US, is touted to be $632 billion according to National Restaurant Association. The amount so grossed will help the food industrialists to invest in technology. Experts say that paying through credit card bills, using touch pads and apps is only a tip of the iceberg. There are much more innovation coming its way in the restaurant business.

Food vending machines like ice-creams, cafés will come up with touch screen facility resulting in less recruitment of staffs and substituting them with machines. Imagine a digital technology that can serve 96 varieties of ice creams in just 40 seconds! Customers can choose their own flavours, so the money put in these is only going to increase demand from customers.

Restaurant management on tablets, mobile apps gives authentic table views of menu items, sales processing and delivery to your home. The apps work both in cash dealing as well as online payments.

The next innovation is a mind-boggling one – bio-diesel converters! Bio-diesel that are used in vegetable oils and other cooking oils are processed into bio-diesel fuel that can be used to fuel cars and vehicles. ‘BioPro’ is a product innovated by a Californian diesel company, that works with an automated processor that can churn out oil waste derived out of cooking, into diesel fuel.

LED alerts! What is it do with kitchens and restaurants? You may ask? The LED alerts system illuminates the kitchen floor and washing sinks to alert kitchen chef to remind if the utensils are washed and if they become dry and things like that.

Based on the above changes and shift towards internet, food delivery software and other technological innovations, the restaurant business can be proud of saying that it has achieved the following:

  • Social media awareness among users against traditional outlets.
  • Instant feedback from customers and public
  • Quicker service for increasing demand , shorter queues
  • Its no more a casual business but more high-end options and up-scale dining culture.







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