Demand For Enterprise Mobile Application Development Will Hike Up To 5x

Market forecasters, ‘Gartner’ have stated that the demand for mobile application development will increase by five times towards 2017. And the sales of mobile phones will reach 2.1 billion pieces by the coming 2019. The expertise of mobile developers is becoming a huge investment for the companies and a thorny passage to meet the rising demand for the apps on the other side.


Gartner also suggests that companies must develop apps keeping in mind, not only the features and functions but also a better usability and user experience to keep up their mobile policies. Apart from the functionality that a mobile app gives the customers, it should also be a pleasant experience for them. On very less time plan, companies are expected to develop huge types of mobile apps, considering the fact that the number of devices that an employee might use can be up to six! Coming up is the next revolution: Internet of Things, the independence of using the apps is quite obvious.

While the demand is such, the lethargy in mobile app development in many organizations seems to be too evident. Understandably, the mobile application development company is in a novice stage, the exposure to tools, service providers and platforms is very low, so creating apps in more numbers appears far-fetched. For the challenges faced by the mobile app companies, Gartner proposes the following approaches:

  1. Main consideration for app development: — the growing number of app development and delivery spoils the quality of apps and the grades are not so worthy. Therefore, understanding the priorities of businesses and the importance of stakeholders’ mobile app projects could be improvised.
  2. Flexible approach – a proper infrastructure to create APIs for apps to transact data to back-end. Employ Agile management practices for delivery of apps.
  3. Use quick tools – like rapid mobile app development to meet the demands of customers. Now, people without programming knowledge or very less knowledge of them are able to create apps. Tools like drag-and-drop, virtualization etc are some of the approaches that one can follow.
  4. Issues like designing, testing mobile devices can be outsourced to third party organizations so that app development alone can be done by the company.







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