Future of Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology is ruling our lives in the present day. So many advantages can be portrayed if we are to talk about the current influence of mobile technology in our day to day life. Right from the morning alarm that you’d keep using an alarm clock to the reminder notes you’d right on the bit papers and stick on fridge walls, mobile technology has changed everything. Mobile devices are a one stop zone where you can do anything you want and connect to anyone you want.




Since, mobile technology is constantly upgrading itself in terms of devices and internal stuff and people’s response towards all these is entirely cool and positive, this technology is sure to level-up in the coming days. Do I have to speak about the number of apps that are developed by the best mobile application development company to help people both in business as well as in personal chores? This change may take place faster than before and also in an effective manner. Do you know what the experts predict is the next level of technology?

The future:

  • The mobile technology will move up to a level where the microphone will be under our skin.
  • The camera would become contact lens that we could place in our eyes.
  • Voice recognition will become crux.
  • Battery charge will stay for weeks
  • 5G will have a speed that’s 100% more than what it is now
  • Exciting changes in screen formats are expected




When it comes to technology part, the wearable mobile technology is going to bloom. Yes! The biometric passwords are really a great innovation to contribute to the mobile technology. Passwords can become more secure and this in turn will help in improving the security issues that may arise during the payment processing. The gestures as passwords has already been implanted in many of the latest smart phones and the biometric passwords can be portrayed as the ‘gen-next’ of this concept.

Dream On! Mobile Technology Definitely Delivers!

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