The Growing App Development Economies

Any business you take, there’s one thing that’s common- Customer attention! Every step the business takes is to gain the good will of customers.

To attain this, the company needs to be updated with the latest trends that exert a pull on customers, ain’t it? The booming mobile app technologies is now the channel to catch your customers attention. Gone are the days when websites where the core business modes.


With the growing app technology, industries have completely started on focusing the marketing and promotional stuff of apps. Besides, a mere app that’s left untouched has nothing worth, in the current day.

Let’s take the example of a supermarket wherein the customer purchases a product that appears in front of him and that which gets his attention. That’s the same way for an app store. Perhaps, there is a great challenge waiting for the search and marketing industry because of apps.

According to a recent survey, it has been revealed that on an average 20,000 developers created a mix of apps with a revenue of approx. $100,000.

It’s now time to think more about the strategic ways to bridge the funding gap. This is nothing but the time between making a sale and getting paid by the app store.

App economy varies depending upon the quality and usability of each app. Hence, there are the main factors to consider before developing an app in the perspective of economy and growth of the business.

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