Why are mobile users quitting your app?

Given the market condition that apps are being downloaded everyday that counts to more than thousand brands, we understand the value of apps which is taking over the desktop users. At the same time, does the apps that are downloaded really in use by the users? The question to this is not so gladdening because after installing your app, there is no guarantee about the usability on their devices.

Analysing the real market
It is not enough to quantify the number of clicks on ads or the number of installs to determine the increase in sales. It would be wrong to judge the ever changing market that comes with technological transformations. Therefore, when analysing the user’s metrics, it is better to evaluate the actions that occur after installation of the apps into the device such as registration, number of times of opening the app, pages viewed and the time spent on the app. There are other activities that can also be considered like in- app purchases. Shopping cart usage will help the market analysts to assess the real operations that are carried out after installation of the apps. Exactly, the event in the app that does the sale increases or that converts into revenues is the measuring factor.
Reasons why apps are not used
Survey states that consumers use approximately three hours each day spending on mobile devices over apps alone. This is not for other activities like calls, messaging etc. Therefore, it is important for the companies to update with the latest technological improvements when building their apps from time to time. The reasons are many when an app is not used by the customer:

  • Nearly a billion variations take place in a mobile environment (which is not the case in normal networks)
  • Users lose patience on an app
  • Alternative apps available on the market

What results the user is thrown to?
Based on the reasons stated above, how does it affect the user? Since it is a wireless network, mobile users face latency rate in network disruptions. The last mile latency is about 70-90% on wireless. 4G networks give uncommon performances depending upon the cities.
The way to solve these issues is firstly, gather user details, second, use automated testing about what hinders mobile performance, position systems to fine-tune variations in mobile networks to avoid disruption in connectivity. Lastly, develop an app with the finest mobile application development company. That would really work!

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