What online ordering achieve for your restaurant?

The frequency of online ordering in the US restaurant market has reached around one-fourth of the customer base, according to a survey. At least some form of online ordering either through web or mobile has taken place through these one-fourth. Therefore, this is proof enough that online ordering has reached some standard and fulfilled the expectations on return on investment, as far as the restaurateurs are concerned.

Let us see what are the real factors that influence the online ordering trends:

A positive swing among younger generation

Statistics reveal that younger generations are behind the driving factor for digital ordering which is increasing at a rapid speed of 300 per cent quicker than regular dining shops. The mobile consumption of online ordering is growing much faster which is at 23 percent of total food orders in the US restaurant market.

Consumers prefer the convenient way

The main reason being cited for the preference of online ordering over personal ordering is that it satisfies the customer almost immediately. One need not wait in the queue, makes order accuracy much better and prices easily checked by the customers. Also, once you register online, your payment information also is saved and need not enter it again and again.

The restaurant employees are also glad to serve because there are orders coming in without much disturbances around which usually happens in a personal ordering environment.

Driving through apps and social media

Around 69 percent of consumers order food through mobile, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau [IAB]. The use of mobile internet is on the rise since it had reached consumers’ daily life routine right from ordering a pizza or burger to browsing the mobile device for restaurant locations and menus.

About 50 percent of consumers have a restaurant app on their device. And some of the top brands are Yelp and Urbanspoon. Using an app does not involve any type of risks and in turn encourages spot ordering by the customers.

Most companies have Facebook or Twitter or both linked to their websites and apps to either loop existing customers or to bring in more customers through the existing customer base. This is a motivating factor and customers can easily relate to such functionality.

Potential of online ordering system

Once you understand the positive factors of the virtual ordering environment, you need to support it with appropriate marketing techniques online. Upload images of products in the website and apps. Research says that if a customer touches the item that they like, then they cannot ignore and will only ask for more.

Even though it is not possible to touch or smell the food, it gives them a feeling that they have the possession of it.

Encourage customer reviews

Ask your customers what they liked and what are their favourites of your restaurant meals. Reward them with free supplements or meal offer. Bring in their testimonials to describe their experiences when they brought in their family members and the pictures they have taken.

Based on the testimonials and customer reviews, lot of new customers will show interest!

Some more statistics

Online ordering has a rate of average customer returning at 95%. This implies the customer loyalty has minimum efforts in case of utilizing online ordering system. Some more statistics are:

  • online ordering is used more increasingly in the recent past two years
  • 53% of users are among the 34 years
  • 43% of users in 44 years
  • 26% of 55 – 64 years


We have witnessed the younger consumer choices as well as the other age consumer preferences. Online ordering is not dependent only on younger groups but there are lots of other important forays that it throws open namely, re-ordering capacity has increased. We can know customers’ preferences on what they like, where they are located etc. which helps improve marketing strategies.

When you have developed traffic, you can monetize by the following methods:

  1. Provide Ads in the search page. Mark your geographical target if you are a new restaurants depending on socio economic segments.
  2. Small business/restaurant services: pay for Dashboard and restaurants use it to interact with their customers and run real time promotions and buy cost per click ads.
  3. Restaurants with ratings more than 3.5/5 make deals and offers that ranges from 10% to 50% depending on the volume of business.
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