Mobile apps are more productive than disruptive

Almost 70% of the world is having a smart phone in their hands. This exactly shows how the smart phones and mobile technology have impacted our day top lives. Some people argue with the point that mobile phones and apps are just a distraction and they disrupt our lives. A sector of people say that mobile apps rule our lives. Every now and them, some kind of argument / debate is conducted on whether mobile apps are a boon or bane! Here’s Blinkbee to express our views on the topic!


Mobile apps are profitable:

Yes, we stand on this half of the debate and of course are committed to explain it.

According to a recent survey, two-thirds of the population of Britons use smart phones for about two hours in a day. This does not include just the Facebook, Instagram and the music they hear. People use mobile phones in a much productive way than our imagination. They use mobile apps for health, pay bills, download e-books, etc., Now that’s just a jest of things they do. There are more useful ways in which people utilize mobile apps.

A handful of paper work and the long distance travelling are drastically reduced with mobile apps. Even the public sector is gaining its information and is supporting to the point that mobile apps are important.

Some of the ace advantages that one can consider to say mobile apps are the best are as follows:

Outside the office:

Many company’s main leaders accept the fact that mobile technology can reduce the office space, enable people to work conveniently from home as they can communicate more easily.

Answers Security Issues:

Every organisation faces the issues of security. But, the mobile technology nowadays has improved too much that we can control security threats. In case of paper work, this would definitely be a tough job.

Problem Solving:

Mobile apps have paved a way in finding out new ways to solve issues of many small and big corporates.

Worth the money:

Some apps come free and some are hugely charged. But, they all have their own advantages and scope and this needs to surely be accepted.

So, are you on the verge of getting a mobile app done? Choose the right mobile application development company and commit to them! Get the at-most benefits of mobile apps for your business.

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Why Are Push Notifications Important For Your Mobile App?

Every now and then, mobile technology bring something new to the field and makes it a trend. When you analyse deeply on why such a thing becomes a great trend that the crowd follows, you will be able to find one point in common among all. People just find it interesting and user-friendly. Here’s push notification that came into picture long back but still out-stands because of the benefits it has.
Push Notifications are messages that are delivered from a centralized location to various customer end. They are usually some alerts or notifications.

Benefits of having push notifications:

Take a look at some of the advantages of push notifications for your business.

Direct Marketing Of Your Business:

If you have a push notification for your app and get your clients to download the same, you can keep your clients in direct touch. Whenever there’s an update, you can convey it to your clients then and there. This will keep your customers constantly updated. If this kind of reminder is given to clients on a regular basis, it is believed that clients are to buy from you.

Increased Read Rate:

The commonly believed concept email marketing is said to give a read rate of 14%. Push notifications beat this percentage. Around 50% read ratio is said to be attained by push notifications. The CTR (Click Through Rates) are also believed to increase by twice the amount.

Elevating Rate Of Retention:

Push notifications pave a effective path to interact with customers and get them back to the app. A recent survey even states that the retention rate which takes place in 90 days is increased by 180%.

Join hands with the apt mobile application development company and get the best fit app for your company. Keep in mind the point on push notification while you develop the app!

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Give The Finest For Your Restaurants

Restaurant business is like any other business that’s challenging. Most of the restaurant managers feel that just the food quality, location , quantity and pricing are the factors that define their business. For those who think this way, here we go, letting our what equally important. You can check out if you are missing on it.


Technology For Restaurants:

With every business going online, restaurant too need to follow the trend. But, how to proceed with it? Combine your restaurant with technology and you are done! What does technology have to do with restaurants? It’s the online food ordering system that you can integrate to make restaurant business stay updated, enhanced and finest!

Food Delivery Software:

Online food ordering system is where a customer is allowed to order food online. This feature has become mandatory for all businesses in your niche. Either they go with some third party company and place their restaurant their or they just have their own online ordering system for their restaurants. Both the ways have their own unique benefits. This not only enables customers to feel a good will from your side but also helps you manage business more easily.

To make it an easy go, there are a lot of exciting features that come along with the restaurant app. These features make the ordering more simplified and user- friendly for your customers. You can add all your branches to a single system and attend your customers very easily according to the location nearest to the customer.

There are options with the online food ordering system like ‘pick up’ and ‘delivery’ from which the customer can choose their desired one. If you have not though of this idea yet, it’s high time you start thinking about it! Get the finest benefits and entice your valuable customers, thereby growing your sales.

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Mobile Technology Triggers Business Sector

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Infographic on Deliz

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Amusing Mobile App Stats

Mobile apps are ruling the world for the past few years. Our day to day activities start and end with mobile phones. Such is the impact that mobile phones have created in our lives. Here are some fascinating statistics on the usage on mobile apps.

Considering the time spent on digital media, 52% of it is taken by mobile apps.

When it comes to smart phone users, almost 89% of the time is spent on usage of mobile apps

When compared to the last year 2014, the usage of mobile apps increased by 21% in this year(2015). That’s a big leap, indeed!

Taking into account the mobile sales of the Top 500 companies, it has been reported that 42% of the major sales happend via apps

Fastest growing app as per the time spent

Music- 79%
Health and fitness- 51%
Social networking- 49%
Sports- 16%
Travel- 28%
Entertainment- 22%
Games- 15%
News-  14%

The usage of apps for more than 11 times increased by 39% last year (2014).

Some great technological advancements are taking place in the mobile app industry, currently. The sales ratio is also believed to improve if you are making use of mobile apps. So, if that’s your plan, go with a good mobile application development company that meets all your requirements.

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Get Set Go With Technology

Did you know that 90% of the restaurants have already started implementing the online version of their business? Yes, though the percentile is high, its a true fact. Upgrading is a natural business process. Now, the restaurant industry is experiencing this with regards to technology.


What benefits does it do to your business?

There are too many to mention. But, the main benefit is that your customers can be in touch with you whenever they like. During the busy schedule days or even during the lazy holidays, people nowadays just want to get food to their place instead of going to a hotel. Does your restaurant feed some yummy food to people? Then, no wonder, you customers will crave to have your food at any part of the day. For those customers, you need to enable an online food ordering system.

How does a food delivery software work?

The working part is as simple as it. The customer takes his mobile and installs your restaurant’s app. He orders food and either checks the pick up or delivery option. The request for food is received by the restaurant manager. He confirms if the food is available in his place. If not, he can refer to other branches of the restaurant. How is that just possible? The restaurant manager can add ‘n’ number of restaurant branches to the  system. Hence, the nearest branch to the customer’s location can deliver food to them. Once the restaurant manager confirms the food availability, he accepts the request and sends a notification to the customer.

Delivery boys are assigned to take food home. The customer can track the location of the delivery boy. Once the food in delivered, digital receipts will be released for payments. Payment can be made via online transactions using their debit or credit cards. Managing a restaurant business cannot get more easier.

Customers can be given loyalty programs also. There is a feature where customers can order via websites too. The system is totally secure and so you need not worry about threats that may occur. As the online food ordering system is completely customizable, you can change it according to your taste. Menu management system feature helps you to easily update or delete items from menu, add today’s special items and so on.

The online ordering system for restaurants is very effective for restaurants that look for innovative ways to exert a pull on customers. Are you among them? What more do you want to wait for? Plan on purchasing the online food ordering system and just get set and go!

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Mobile Application Strategies To Bring Success

Mobile industry has affected every enterprise in a direct or indirect way. With the number of devices that are being used at the moment, it’s a strong proof that the industry is growing vertically up. It was found that there are around 6 billion mobile phone subscribers, currently. With the speedy growth of the IOT (Internet of things) market it is assumed that the mobile industry will be seeing tens of billions of devices within a short span.
Lopez Research suggested that there’s going to be 20+ enterprise mobile apps this year. Like every company, do you also plan on mobile apps. Here are some strategies that can give hand to the success of your mobile apps:

Scalable mobile application development through flexible platforms:

If a company makes use of platforms that are flexible by having modules to support elements like testing, performance analytics, security, life cycle management, application catalogues and so on, then the company can scale its efforts in an easy manner. Implementing standard based interfaces and multiple front-end design methods aid to further success.

Engagement is more important than downloads:

Gone are the days when it was told that only the download count of an app is important. Now, that’s not the only thing that’s important. The user engagement of your app is more important. Many users just download it and forget to use it leading to 0% user engagement. So, ways to increase user engagement should be planned.

Secured data across every device:

Using your app should give users the secured and user-friendly feel. If not, your app is not in the way to success. So, before releasing the app, make sure all the security issues are looked at and cleared.

When you plan to make an app with a particular mobile app development company, see to it the the company adheres to the following security issues. This will help you get the best output for your app which would be completely fruitful for your business.

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Worst Advices You Need To Ignore For Successful Mobile App Development

Apps have become important for anything and everything, at the moment. Is there an app in your mind that you want to develop and are confused listening others opinions? Not any more! Here’s a list of advices you need to ignore right away if you want your app to come up.
App Patent:

App patent is something that you need not take very seriously if there are similar products in the market. Does this sound bizarre? Take the example of Google. There were more than 25 similar search engines who do the same concept. But, they show uniqueness in a different manner. That’s the point. Only if you have a product that’s completely different and that does not exist at all, you need to secure it with patent. Keep in mind patents are too costly. So, think before you proceed in getting it!

Follow the best practices:

Just imagine, every app looks into the best practices and then proceeds. But, why do some succeed and some fail? We’re not here to say do not check the best practices. The point is you know your customers the best, you know the scenario of the market you target and your situation is different from the others. So, check out from that aspect and then proceed in developing.

Business Plan:

Most of the times, a business plan does not work. You need to make changes in every step of business. So, its better you ignore the mandatory advice on business plan. Understand your customer base and act accordingly. More than a business plan, look for a business model.

Market Research:  

Market research if done the same way for all the products, there a scenario that it will fail. Each market is different and customers over each place are different. So, build your own research process and proceed with it to attain mass success

If you look into successful mobile application development companies, this is what they actually do. They are unique in their own way. They hear advices. But, think further whether to proceed with it or not. Want a successful app? Get it done with such companies that have their own set of rules to success!

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Why do you need an app for your business?

Gone are the days when we yelled out that your businesses need websites. Ofcourse, still you need a website. But, added to it, you need a mobile app to boost business. Well, with all the marketing sources around, you may be wondering why your business needs to get an app with android and iphone, mainly. Some people may say, because everyone has I too will have. This is not the actual reason behind it.
Nowadays, users / your potential customers prefer to look into app sources. They think that having an app is more comfortable for them than the website. Of course, a website is needed for a different reason and you app for something else. An app will be viewed by people frequently than a website. This is stated because if you have an app, you can notify customers and that will be a great tool to make customers reminded about your business.

Having a business app is a direct tool for marketing. Any sales or promotion stuff can be put forth right away to them. The most advantageous of it is push notifications that help a lot to get in constant touch with customers.

Loyalty programs to customers can also be provided at ease if there is an app for your business that will reach customers fast. Customized rewards can be given in a more simplified manner if customers have your app on their phone.

Mobile apps are always a good branding tool. Yes, they can promote your brand in a greater. Having an app itself is considered as a good brand symbol by many people. Anything new in your brand can be posted to them in no time and that reaches them fast too.

If you are still and small business and you feel that an app is not necessary, let me tell you, this is where you need to distinct yourself from the others. This is where you can outshine competitors. There are greater benefits than mentioned that an app possesses. But, again it all lies in the quality and usability of your app. Go with the best mobile app development company   and you are sure to succeed and attain intense benefits.

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