How to publicize your mobile app before its release?

Most of the apps deserve this – a pre-launch euphoria when your mobile app is ready to hit the deck! With everyday thousands of app are being launched, there is extreme competition and a definite defined strategy is necessary to publicize your app’s features and as a brand. The number of views in the social media sites, email lists that you forward during pre-app release creates value towards better publicizing strategy.


  1. Preapps

PreApps is a site that gives you ample marketing loop to list your app. This is not just meant for a beta testing but even at the stage of the idea of an app that is being conceived, you can sign up with this site and list it on. Interested users on the PreApps site can communicate with you over the email when beta test is taking place and in turn for you – get to know your responses on the app functions. You can list your app image that you have created during conception in this site to give an idea for the targeted audience.


  1. Splash content page

A splash page is the front page in your website that gives you a glimpse of the content about what the mobile app is all about. Here the users can get to know about your app’s look and feel, app videos, if any. Apart from the front page publicity, you can urge the users for signing up over emails to get latest information about the app’s features and other details.


  1. Taunt the audience

Create an app video teaser that will pull the audience’s interest and the web traffic flows for you. Create keywords that doesn’t go to the spam area, but spawn consent from your viewers that what they are seeing is important to them. That they appreciate the app’s idea is second after they notice your email.


  1. Beta testing

As mentioned above, beta testing gives you the required response for your app, and the users can share it with their friends. This automatically becomes a free marketing for your app also.


  1. Blogging about your app

Blogging invites people to post about ideas on app conception and whole variety of other things also. It claims to have a huge audience and can reach the targeted audience soon. You can also communicate with technical users on this site discussing about design and usability.

If you are getting your app done from a renowned mobile app development company, then they’d suggest the above things for you! Make the best out of it!


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