Why Are Push Notifications Important For Your Mobile App?

Every now and then, mobile technology bring something new to the field and makes it a trend. When you analyse deeply on why such a thing becomes a great trend that the crowd follows, you will be able to find one point in common among all. People just find it interesting and user-friendly. Here’s push notification that came into picture long back but still out-stands because of the benefits it has.

Push Notifications are messages that are delivered from a centralized location to various customer end. They are usually some alerts or notifications.

Benefits of having push notifications:

Take a look at some of the advantages of push notifications for your business.

Direct Marketing Of Your Business:

If you have a push notification for your app and get your clients to download the same, you can keep your clients in direct touch. Whenever there’s an update, you can convey it to your clients then and there. This will keep your customers constantly updated. If this kind of reminder is given to clients on a regular basis, it is believed that clients are to buy from you.

Increased Read Rate:

The commonly believed concept email marketing is said to give a read rate of 14%. Push notifications beat this percentage. Around 50% read ratio is said to be attained by push notifications. The CTR (Click Through Rates) are also believed to increase by twice the amount.

Elevating Rate Of Retention:

Push notifications pave a effective path to interact with customers and get them back to the app. A recent survey even states that the retention rate which takes place in 90 days is increased by 180%.

Join hands with the apt mobile application development company and get the best fit app for your company. Keep in mind the point on push notification while you develop the app!

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