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Restaurant business is now more challenging that ever. In the past years, you may have been the king of restaurant chains in your locality. For this you needed just an amazing menu that you render with quality, a good and clean atmosphere to eat. But, at the moment, this is not just enough. Wondering what else to do? You need to think out of the box. Think online! With the rapidly growing technology, its high time all our restaurants had an online facility. Do not think that it will not be useful in your locality. You may regret later.

So, thinking of implementing an online restaurant? Then, the first step you have to take is to choose an online ordering system for your restaurant and integrate the same to your website. How to choose an online food ordering system? You must initially look into the features of the software before going for it.


You know what best your business needs. So, just prepare a check-list of what your online restaurant needs. After that, do check if the online restaurant software you choose is apt for your requisites. Here’s a list of ace features that your food delivery software should have to satisfy all your needs:

Adding multiple branches:

If your restaurant has a chain of branches then this feature is extremely useful. This allows you to add n number of restaurants to your website. Are you a single restaurant type? So, you may think this is not apt for you. But, you never know what the future brings to you! What if you expand your restaurant in future? Be prepared before hand and get a food delivery system that can integrate multiple restaurants.

Website and mobile ordering:

For all your techie customers out there who want to enjoy food inside their homes, why not enable this feature where they can order food either by a website or a mobile phone. This not only is suitable for them but also helps you manage your online orders easily rather than wondering how to proceed with it. Enable the call order option also to make food orders on the go!

Pick up / Delivery option:

This feature allows customer to choose whether they want to pick up food from the restaurant by pre-ordering or do they want to get it delivered to their homes / offices.

Digital receipts:

Worried if your new delivery boy would ever cheat you? No need to bother any more as you can enable digital receipts to clients. By doing this, you can be sure your money is got back properly and the customers can also be free from payment fears as all the transactions are via online and they’ll receive digital receipts that they can save.

Online table reservations:

You may have customers who want to book tables before hand. This feature is for that type of customers. They can book tables online via the website or a mobile app and as a restaurant manager you will be able to manage the table reservations easy and fast!

Apart from the above core features, look for 100% source code feature and a completely customizable software. This way you can customize the software as you like. If you have any changes to make in future, the same also can be done. Choose the right food delivery software to be profitable in a long run!

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