Websites Are Crowd Pullers But People Spend More Time On Mobile Apps | STATS & more

With the increasing number of mobile app users it is simply obvious that the mobile apps consume majority of the time of people.


To give a instance, Facebook got around 126 million unique visitors in June 2015. 50% of FB users say that they use Facebook app the most among the other apps in their mobile.

According to ComScore’s survey

>> 62% of the time spent online is consumed by mobile apps
>> 44% is spent on apps on smartphones. Before 2 years it was around 33%

Here comes the twist:

Though mobile apps are seeing a huge increase in time spent, it has been found that mobile website are being used 2 and a half time more! Reason behind this is stated as the ease of linking between information sites.

Coming back to mobile apps:

Messaging apps like FB Messenger and Whatsapp are said to be the hot sector apps on a global basis.

People aging between 18 to 35 are noticed to spend around 2 hours on social and entertainment apps like Facebook and Youtube.

Youtube witnessed 99 million visitors in June.

Time spent on popular apps on a monthly basis:

Facebook- 26 hours
Instagram- 7 hours
Snapchat & Tumblr- 6 hours
Twitter- 3.5 hours

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