What is internet of things (IOT) ?

Internet of things, the machine to machine communication as it is widely understood, works in many ways. It works on cloud environment, data sensors, it can work as a mobility service and various other connectivity problems that it is capable of connecting to devices. But experts want us to understand it rather than a machine to machine process or communication, it is more about sensors. It is not just one technology but a multitude of technologies that connects with devices. Its purpose to benefit businesses like communications, storage, security and analyzing data.

A sensor can gather data; can evaluate information which a machine may not be able to do it. As internet of things is a combination of both machine and sensors, the data gathering process is much worthier than we imagine. Because the data that is gathered is properly put in place for analyzing and a better facility for enterprises. The sensors helps to detect moisture in an agricultural industry, pipeline sensors and various other usages in other industries like refineries, factories, hospitals etc. with a network of devices.

By leveraging, we mean using something to its maximum advantage. So we leverage the data gathering to use it maximum for the internet of things to function. Cloud computing is the best supporting feature for internet of things to transfer data from sensors and cloud applications is the best support for any apps that we use on a daily basis.

Exactly, why we use or require internet of things? The perfect example can be a thermostat gadget which if you want to adjust the temperature in your living room, the wi-fi device connected with a sensor, will observe your behavioral patterns and switch off your air conditioner, if you have forgotten. It can adjust your room temperature before going to bed and things that you wish to do it at set time. It can remind you to buy milk before you reach home and a whole lot of things that you fathom to do.

Ok, now consider the bigger scenario an industrial or an urban infrastructure! How IOT comes to rescue? A better street traffic can be managed between your smart car and smart city stoplights. It’ll understand the city traffic conditions and respond to drivers about the current traffic situation – if it is heavy traffic or snowy or so on and so forth. So, this is possible by sensors along with the help of machines. This is smart world and smart city life.

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