Working Of The Restaurant App

The online food ordering system is the rage at the moment. Though 70% of the restaurants have started to think about it, there are a very few who realize the importance and do it in the right way! Are you one among those who want to start up an online ordering system for your restaurant and wondering how to proceed with it? Here’s Deliz to help you out!


Food delivery software- the sans pareil key

A food delivery software is an application that can aid people in ordering food online. It enables the restaurant owners to receive orders and expand their sales channel via the online portal. Management on online orders is also made extremely easy with a food delivery software. Hence, Blinkbee calls this software the sans pareil key to restaurant business.

The food ordering system is available in both website version and mobile app version. Even phone ordering is enabled by the software.


Working phase of the software:

The food delivery software, once its installed, can be used by the restaurants. The system actually has 2 different terminals. One that’s used by the customer and the other that’s used by the restaurant personnel. In case of a mobile device, there will be 2 apps: the customer app and a rider app.



  • Customer app in the restaurant software allows the customer to order food online


  • The online food order that’s placed by the customer reaches the restaurant manager


  • The restaurant manager checks if the food is available. The nearest branch to the customer’s location is also referred. Once the food availability is checked, a notification is sent to the customer


  • A delivery boy is appointed to deliver food at the customer’s location


  • The location of the delivery boy can be automatically tracked by the customer and vice versa


  • Once the delivery boy reaches the customer’s location, the notification that food is delivered will be received


  • Digital receipts are generated and the customer can pay in either ways. Digital cash will also be accepted


  • With the social sharing feature, the customer can rate the service and food items of the restaurant

Pick up and delivery options:
There are two options in a food delivery software from which a customer can choose. The pick up option is where the restaurant keeps the food ready and the customer can collect it in the specified time. Delivery option is where the online ordered food is delivered to the customer’s house. Anything that’s convenient for the customer can be selected.

When you rate the restaurant in a sales perspective, it will get a full 10 / 10 as this keeps the business updated and convenient. Why not give it a shot? Still have clarifications? Contact our team of experts at any convenient time.

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