Cake Master - Online Publication For Cake Baking

Exclusive buynow option for subscription is provided on the site where the user can select format as hard copy or downloadable PDF format. User can add the subscription to the cart and pay flexibly via paypal or credit card. The shipping details and billing address details should be furnished on the site to receive the copy of Cakemasters magazine. User can also share the information on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus etc.

The related products for sale such as magazine for particular month are highlighted at bottom of page. The user can buy the magazine for selected month.

The Cakemasters site also shows the details of latest events like fashion show. The site includes information about awards from cakemasters magazine such as personality of the year, cake pops award, cupcake award, creative award, novelty award, wedding cake award etc.

Users can contact the Magazine providers or editor easily using the contact back option with captcha to protect from spam and ensure security.

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