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BlackBerry Application Development

Blackberry is a rich platform that has various features like multi-tasking, multi-touch interface, wireless information services and much more. This is one of the best platform that supports customization. Blackberry platform is most preferred for business apps as well as for other applications that simplify any task.

NDOT Technologies is involved in the development of simple to complex business solutions and productivity applications with rich multimedia and graphics features. Project enhancement, maintenance, and support is also provided for Blackberry applications. Achieve your business goals with our accurate and creative applications that will assist you in accomplishing daily activities. Blackberry presents versatile tools and features that supports swift development of applications

Tools and Technology Used

OS and production environment
  • Windows XP, 2007, 2008

  • Mac Os

Development Environment and Collaboration
  • Eclipse version- 3.7.1, Indigo Service Release 2

Development Languages
  • Core Java

Frameworks and Components
  • BlackBerry Java framework

  • Open GL

  • SQLite

Other Tools and Solutions
  • BlackBerry API

Development Process

Industry-standard application development process is adopted to deliver quality apps. Developing widgets in Blackberry is a flexible option that enriches the applications. Native features of the Blackberry such as GPS tracking, magnetometer, camera, video etc are utilized to the maximum to produce apps that are very useful and creative.

Leverage Experience

Professionals at NDOT understand your business nature and leverage their experience to develop suitable apps for your business applications.

Why Choose us?
  • Professional approach in handling technologies

  • Technical experts at work

  • Functional application development

  • Quick development of project

  • Low investment with good ROI

  • Maximum utilization of Blackberry features

  • Best handling of graphics and multitasking

  • Good support system


Latest Technology Updates: Every project is dealt with equal importance to complete it on-time using the latest technologies. Developers never miss the pace to handle even with the recent newer technology such as Blackberry 10 platform.

Mobile solutions: We provide diverse mobile solutions across various fields which can serve you better and simplify the day-to-day activities.


Blackberry features are explored to enrich the applications with multiple functions. Apps are developed from scratch or existing apps are modified to suit Blackberry platform. Porting of applications from other platforms are also done. We relate our knowledge in multiple fields to build functional applications.

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Our quality speaks the performance of all our applications that we have developed related to different fields. Check with our profile http://www.ndottech.com/portfolio.html to get an idea of our apps development. Contact us at sales@ndottech.comfor more details. We look forward to hear more from you.

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