Rich Cross-Platform with Web, Native, and Hybrid App Development

IBM WorkLight

IBM WorkLight Application Development

IBM Worlight allows to build rich cross platform applications using standard tools and development studio with easy portability. IBM worklight mobile development supports web, hybrid, and native apps which marks the significance of the platform which is flexible for developing enterprise applications for smartphone and tablets.

NDOT Technologies is involved in the development of cross platform applications in IBM worklight by providing enhanced user experience across variety of mobile devices. We ensure for quick mobile application development.

Tools and Technology Used

OS and production environment
  • Windows XP, 2007, 2008

  • Linux

  • Mac os

  • Worklight Developer Edition 5.0

Development Environment and Collaboration
  • Eclipse IDE (Indigo and Helios)

  • Worklight Studio

Development Languages
  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Java

  • Objective C

Frameworks and Components
  • Worklight Runtime Components

  • SQLite

Platform supported
  • Android

  • iOS

  • Tablets

Development Process

IBM worklight mobile development follows a systematic process with the support of components like IBM worklight studio, server, device runtime components, and console. All the mobile development lifecycle stages are supported by Worklight such as application building, deployment, execution, and management. Relevant tools are made available for each stage for proper development. The development process is supported with proper testing using the mobile browser simulator that is made available with IBM worklight kit apart from other emulators

Skilled professionals

Your IBM Worklight projects will be handled by our trained experts who have immense knowledge in the field. The resources are best utilized for swift development of the project within the stipulated time while meeting the quality standards.

Why Choose us?
  • Enhance rich user experience by utilizing both native and standard languages for the application

  • Flexible code reuse and native usability

  • Customized solutions in accordance with the industrial needs

  • Robust implementation methods

  • Extensible maintenance and support


Advanced Apps development: Apps for organizations of all sizes can be developed by leveraging the standard tools and technologies producing advanced apps across multiple platforms

Save cost & time: Since IBM Worklight is a cross-platform application it can save on your budget. The project can also be developed quickly across multiple platform as same code can be used.

Mobile Solution: Variety of mobile solutions are developed based on web, native, hybrid apps that have high support for third party library integration, advanced graphics, and access to device specific features.


Functional apps are produced by accessing the device features such as downloadable apps, mobile web apps, desktop gadgets, and web gadgets

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We are a team of highly skilled professionals who have indepth knowledge in IBM worklight mobile development. We develop the apps as per your need by utilizing the maximum potential of IBM worklight platform. We look forward to work with you. Contact us at for more details. Approach us for quality apps development.

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