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Titanium Application Development

Titanium is one of the popular cross platform mobile application platform that is feature-rich. Being an open source, Titanium is not only preferable for application development but also provides a rich user experience when compared to native platforms. Cloud connected mobile apps can be easily build using Titanium mobile application development. The biggest advantage of Titanium is that it provides good performance and allows for easy development in multiple platforms like Android, iOS, windows etc.

NDOT Technologies provides quality Titanium mobile application development using a single code base across multiple platforms. Each application is a product of our creativity and skills for building interactive apps.

Tools and Technology Used

OS and production environment
  • Windows XP, 2007, 2008

  • Linux

  • Mac os

Development Environment and Collaboration
  • Titanium Studio

Development Languages
  • HTML

  • Java script

  • JQuery

Frameworks and Components
  • Jquery mobile framework

  • SQLite

Platform supported
  • YUI

  • MooTools

  • Scriptaculous

Development Process

The best development method is adopted with proper analysis of task implementation. The most suitable technology that is latest in the industry is selected. After development process, quality is tested by the experts to ensure proper functioning of the app. Each application is given equal importance such that it is made user-friendly and interactive.

Skilled professionals

A team of highly trained professionals work for you in Appcelerator Titanium cross platform, building valuable apps. Our dedication is reflected in our work which meets industry-standard.

Why Choose us?
  • Quick development of applications

  • Fast deployment of apps across multiple platform

  • Best code re-use

  • Standard mobile cloud apps development

  • Build most influential mobile sites

  • Rich usage of multimedia and third party application

  • Exceptional application testing, porting and maintenance

  • Ontime delivery of project with good support


Multimedia: Expertise in developing hybrid applications with multimedia access to camera, accelerometer etc

Mobile Solution: Multiple mobile solutions across various industrial verticals are developed with utmost excellence. The app once developed in Titanium will be suitable across multiple platforms which can save time and money(development cost) .


Functional native, desktop, and tablet apps are built via Titanium mobile application development by our skilled developers. We are classic in handling third party API integration and 3D graphics.

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