Yaniv Levy Says,

I have been working (and still on) with the guys in Blinkbee for almost 6 month and so. Our project has started with a great success and forecast more project in Web Development and Mobile. At all times I have found the business team(BDE) and the technical team to be highly dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, peace-loving, courteous and to be as helpful as possible.

Yaniv Levy
CEO – Vouch2Go.

Sundar Nagarajan Says,

I have seen Blinkbee while searching for a clone of Groupon. I choose to go with the Blinkbee product and Blinkbee deals support team helps me a lot to implement new ideas and I need to do some more modifications in core part. Hope they will continue to support as well… Keep it up.

Sundar Nagarajan CEO - Miabulls.

Bethanie Beh Says,

I am truly grateful to the support echnical team for all the advice and help during the product deployment as well as customization period. Although we are thousand miles apart only communicating thru mails and live chat, I really appreciate your team effort especially Sivakumar and thank you.

Yannis Says,

The software (coupon-site) is fine and complete while the support offered is exceptional. They fully and completely addressed any problems reported to them within 24 hours even on Saturdays! I wish other SW companies had the same level of support.

Best Regards, 

Jim Miller Says,

I want to thank you for your assistance with our recent project.  I think that your team not only came up with good solutions to critical functionality, but also managed to bring the project to completion within a reasonable time period.  I sense that your team made the extra effort to deliver a solution that fits our current needs very well.  At this point, you can be sure that we will be contacting Blinkbee with other projects that we are currently considering, including another phase of the project that we just completed.  Thank you all and everyone involved for all of your help and collaboration throughout the duration of the project lifecycle.

Best regards,
Jim Miller V.P. - Technology ClubCom, LLC.

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