Dot Net Development

Develop your websites and applications with us in the Dot Net technology platform to make them stand out of the crowd with eminent features.

  • We service you with best quality development services for websites and enterprise solutions
  • Field expert in handling the Dot Net projects with relevant knowledge of ASP.Net, c#.Net etc
  • We provide development services for e-commerce websites, e-learning sites, desktop applications, mobile application development and much more.
  • Experience our cost effective development with fast turn around time saving your time and money.
Dot Net Application Development Services

NDOT Technologies is one of the leading web application development company expertise in handling all kinds of projects in Dot Net platform. We do devise classic enterprise solutions and applications as well as build robust web portals and sites using the Dot Net technologies.

We use the combination of ASP.NET and AJAX framework to present an enhancing outlook and user experience with every development. Our skilled team of programmers and developers help to build your applications quickly and cost-effectively.

The object-oriented method and modular method of breaking a huge project into handleable small units by the dot net programming makes it convenient to develop big projects easily. The dot net applications are compatible with almost all operating systems.

We choose the best suitable method of development methodologies to develop different kinds of projects.

Some of our development methodologies include:
  • Waterfall method
  • Agile method
  • Rapid application development (RAD)
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • SOA architecture
  • N-Tier architecture
  • REST architecture
  • Windows presentation foundation (WPF)
  • Model view controller (MVC)
  • Language integrated query (LINQ)
  • Enterprise applications
  • .Net remoting
We have a vast experience in Dot Net technologies like:
  • ASP.Net
  • ADO.Net
  • C#.Net
  • VB.Net
We deploy following frameworks for Dot net:
  • Framework 2.0
  • Framework 3.0
  • Framework 3.5
  • Framework 4.0
We provide high quality end-to-end solutions including the following services using Microsoft Dot Net technology:
  • e-Commerce websites
  • e-Learning portals
  • Community portals
  • Game portals
  • Auction website
  • Sharepoint development
  • CRM customization
  • ERP
  • Supply chain management
  • Social networking solutions
  • Testing
  • Maintanance
  • Migration services
  • Enhancement
  • Embedded system development
  • Mobile development
  • Distributed application development etc
The advantages of using Dot Net are:
  • Improves interoperability of systems
  • Eases communication
  • Leverage software assets
  • Simple deployment model
  • Reduced cost of development
  • Reduces cost of maintenance
  • Language independence
  • Code sharing
  • Improved security
  • Support for web services
  • Faster internet connectivity
  • Swift development of application
  • Lesser coding
  • Easy user access to data
  • Automatic version control
  • Compatible for mobile version
  • Easily integrate with other tools and technologies
  • High functionality at low cost
  • Open source
Our Services for Dot Net includes
  • Expert handling of 3 tier and multi-tier architecture
  • Potential integration of third party tools like SMS, Payment Gateway etc
  • Field knowledge in message queue, WCF, and .Net remoting concepts
  • Geo based apps development using GIS applications (Google map, Microsoft mappoint, virtual earth)
  • Effective CMS handling and implementation
  • Robust MS Office tools integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Multiple Browser compatibility
  • Third party control such as Farpoint spread for ASP.Net
  • Third party reporting tools

We have a skilled team of dedicated professionals who are well-versed with the Microsoft Dot Net technology. We provide services to develop all types of web applications and desktop applications using Dot Net. Our classic solutions cover all the industry verticals to meet the standards of the industry. Our solutions run across different browsers and supports multiple language setup to make the application highly personalized and customized to the specific needs.

Choose and be with us throughout your application development to enjoy every phase of the project development and witness our service and support extended with enriched final product delivery on time.

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