Hire in-house developers who are experts in different technologies like Dotnet, PHP, etc

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Hire Developers

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Hire expert developers who are well versed in different technologies.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Complete your projects with outsourced developers at the best in time quality

The IT sector has witnessed a significant inclination towards offshore development in the past decade. It began with firms in western countries, transferring their productive tasks to Asian nations, keeping in mind the much lower costs, as well as the availability of abundant human resources. This trend has now gone a step ahead wherein interested clients can hire offshore developers for a specific project, rather than a full-time contract. This concept has many benefits. The initial advantage is the much lesser investment compared to full-time hiring of developers. Moreover, it is possible to hire experienced resources of other firms, who do not need any further training.

That sounds interesting right? Blinkbee Technologies has the perfect solution for you. Our in-house developers can be hired to complete your specific projects, as well as specific stages involved in them. We provide these resources on flexibile periods of time, be it hourly, weekly or on monthly basis. Our developers do the work for you and yet you retain complete control over your project. Your projects will be completed on time, with the highest quality and the least expenditure. Hire our experts to do the expert job. Check out our different packages of hiring that suit your individual needs and budgets.

Benefits of hiring resources from Blinkbee

There are plenty of advantages in hiring trained and experienced offshore resources from Blinkbee. It is not necessary to hire a full time employee just for a specific need of a project. The expenditure is much lesser, yet the quality of your project’s final result is very high. Some of the core benefits are:

  • Dedicated resources:

    Hire dedicated resources from Blinkbee, whose time and attention are given only to your project. Hiring such developers gives more productivity to the completion of your project.

  • Expert services:

    All our developers possess expertise and have gained experience from working on various other projects. Select your preferred developers from Blinkbee who suit the needs and standards of your project.

  • Flexible timing:

    To serve the needs of our clients from different time zones across the world, we work in different shifts. We give you the freedom to chose your convenient timing.

  • Competitive prices:

    We offer our services at the most affordable prices available in the industry. Besides there are no hidden costs or charges, as all our processes are transparent.

  • Client coordination:

    We develop a strong bond with clients, keeping them informed about the developments at each stage of the project. This perfect coordination enables receiving important inputs as and when necessary.

  • Brand reputation:

    The developers at Blinkbee are trusted by several clients worldwide. Our professionalism and the dedication we give to every project has earned us the admiration from many clients.

  • Customer-centric solutions:

    Hiring our developers do not mean you are handing over the project to us. You still retail complete control over your project and can supervise its progress.

  • Complete source-code:

    You will be the sole owner of the complete code. Thus you have the full rights over the project and to sell the resource code to any third party.

Our time of work
  • Timings:

    We work from Monday to Friday – 8 hours per day

  • Holidays:

    Saturday, Sunday, All Indian national holidays, Regional holidays

What We Provide

Blinkbee is the apt source to hire offshore developers for the purpose of working on different technological projects. The decision to invest in our resources, will give you many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Highly experienced and qualified resources
  • Best infrastructure facility
  • Fully equipped supportive working environment
  • Contacts via phone, fax, email and Skype.
  • Regular reporting system as per need – daily or weekly
  • Dedicated 8 working hours per day from Monday to Friday
  • Standard coding stylec
  • Multiple High Bandwidth Internet connection - Broadband & Leased Lines

Hire dedicated developers from us, to serve different categories of your business. You will get access to trained manpower who also possess immense experience in their respective fields of programming. Be it for the web or mobile platforms, we at Blinkbee have the resources for you.

Hire opensource e-commerce developers

Open source development never loses it need, because of the benefits and user-friendliness it bestows. Blinkbee's opensource developers are experts in Magento, Joomla, Opencart, Prestashop and cross platform development.

  • 1. Hire magento developers

    Blinkbee's team of Magento Developers are highly skilled and experienced from the initial versions to the latest 1.9.2 updates that includes Zend 1 Framework and Redis integration.

  • 2. Hire joomla developers

    Any Joomla project, be it till the latest version 3.4, our developers have been trained to render their 100% to the clients project. Hence, you can feel safe in the hands of our joomla developers.

  • 3. Hire opencart developers

    To augment the functionality of Opencart in the most appropriate manner, our developers utilize their expertise in PHP, MySQL, SQL Server,.Net, AJAX, HTML/CSS, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Payment gateway integration

  • 4. Hire prestashop developers

    Hire our dedicated Prestashop developers who have profound knowledge in developing opensource ecommerce stores with Prestashop. We have a good list of clients who hired our Prestashop developers.

  • 5. Hire cross platform developers

    With cross platform gaining more demand, Blinkbee's developers have equipped them well to understand the client requirements and replicate it in the most appropriate way needed

  • Hire open stack developers

    Blinkbee Technologies has some of the best open stack professionals in town. The experts are well versed in the cloud software niche and can render any kind of cloud computing services

  • Hire PHP developers

    PHP is a technological area that Blinkbee developers are masters in. Till the latest version of 5.4.45 our team will be able to develop any project that you are looking for.

  • Hire .Net developers

    Have an .Net project to be done and no good developers? Then Blinkbee is going to be the best choice for you. Hire our dedicated .Net developers who can help you with latest 4.6.1 version of .Net that utilizes Visual studio 2015 tool.

  • Hire Node JS developers

    Our professionals are experienced in JavaScript runtime that has been built on V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome. Get unique and innovative website services with Node JS from Blinkbee developers.

  • Hire Angular JS developers

    If you want the best Angular JS developers, then you are at the right place. Our developers will collect the exact requirement of the clients and process it further in converting it to the latest versions of Angualr JS.

  • Hire Express developers

    Our developers have been under a lot of Express JS projects and so they have a profound experience and knowledge in this kind of JavaScript. Try us and you will accept us as the best in the niche

  • Hire Python developers

    If you want a scripting language for ArcGIS, and for Quantum GIS, then python is the best choice to make. Python framework development at the best in time cost can be got only from our dedicated developers.

  • Hire iPhone developers

    Hire iPhone is an ideal platform to develop all sorts of mobile applications that supports to make flexible. .

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  • Hire android developer

    The Java-based Android is a wonderful platform for the smart phones that support various application. .

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Hire our offshore developers and designers such that to deliver cost effective projects having full control over the source code. Contact us now itself at sales@blinkbee.com for more details.

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