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NDOT Technologies has one of the top notch Silverlight development team which designs unlimited projects in Silverlight domain. We always cater to the needs of the clients and create apps that only suit their budget but also their business interest.

Using Silverlight technology, we can create highly responsive and dynamic website that are quite similar to the desktop apps in terms of load time and processing speed. In addition to that using Silverlight, real time updates are quite possible without refreshing the pages completely.

The basic advantage of Silverlight is that it demolishes the gap between the browser based web application and windows based applications.

What are the Silverlight Development Service Framework provided by us?

NDOT Technologies has a team of experienced and knowledgeable developers and programmers who create the best and innovative Silverlight apps and solutions. Our experience has been built on the basis of delivering projects to our clients which is based on the below given track record -

  • Silverlight with WCF

  • Silverlight Controls
  • Silverlight with WCF RIA Services

What are the applications that are developed using Silverlight technology?
  • Event invitations and basic management system
  • Sales Dashboards and Sales DSS
  • EMR/EHR application
  • E-commerce apps and Shopping cart


  • Online tracking of goods for logistic purpose
  • Social Networking plugins and add ons
What are the basic industry that we cater to?
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Social Networking Industry
  • Media and Publishing Industry
  • Standard technical support
  • E-Commerce Industry
  • Logistic Industry
  • Finance and Accounting Industry
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