Complete solution for creating and managing e-learning courses for all types of users

E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning Solutions

Blinkbee presents the Knowledge Management System (KMS) as the complete solution for creating and managing e-learning courses for all types of users. It also supports for quiz and presentation creation. The KMS e-learning platform is very user-friendly that anyone will be guided through by our authoring tools to create valuable course contents or upload any type of file that can be used for online training and learning.

The e-learning platform supports to create and manage the following types of files:

  • Course materials

  • Presentations

  • Quizzes

  • Assessment

  • Surveys

  • Videos

One can easily make content pages, organize the units, and deliver the contents online without much hassle. Our KMS effectively manages the curriculum using the best authoring tools. It makes the contents interactive to reach the maximum e-learners creating a virtual classroom. The e-learning solution helps to create your course contents quickly with less effort and investment. You can make your contents rich with multimedia contents like audio, video, animations etc.

The table of contents can be easily created with complete control on the navigation of the contents. You can build custom interactive exercises with special effects and visual appeal wherever needed. Our KMS provides built-in resources like wizards and templates for rapid development of the e-learning course materials. Your contents will be published automatically.

Your online course will be complete only with an assessment. KMS provides effective assessment for different courses with customized online testing benefiting both trainers and students. The tests and grading system can be set uniquely for each course. The e-learning platform also provides advanced reporting and tracking of the online course and materials.

All the emails and communications related to the course materials are managed in a central place. The KMS allows to track on the latest updates, uploads, test answered, etc through notifications. The KMS e-learning platform manages all the course-related activities under one roof. It allows to dynamically add the professors and students who are accessing the online contents. You can also set the time limit for accessing the course online.

Advantages of e-Learning

  • Web-based LMS can be beneficial for organization to train employees

  • Gain knowledge and skill without physical presence

  • Learning through long distance

  • Convenient and easily accessible professional training courses

  • Less training expense

  • Full advantage of audio, video, and animation files

  • Flexible virtual learning

  • Continuous and prolonged access of training material

Features/Benefits of e-Learning

  • Powerful but simple to use authoring tools

  • Supports all types of files including PDF, .doc, .xls, .fla, much more

  • Online delivery of course material

  • Centralized control on course enrollment and material access

  • Effective online testing and grading

  • Reporting and tracking

  • Multiple language support

  • customized development services

The KMS makes the e-Learning simple by providing best platform to create rich course materials with easy handling of the online course and assessment. It gives a great learning experience for the online users with various features that make the content rich. The e-learning platform provides a quality training and education at the self-pace of the user with well-organized contents. We also provide e-learning solutions to your customized needs.

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