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Healthcare is the most sensitive sector that could be revolutionized with mobile apps since all the information relates to patient care that insists on precise details. The mobile apps assists to contact the clinic incase of emergency as well as provides information about tests and procedures. There are also other applications like drug reference tool, electronic medical record system and much more. Integration of map with the application allows to locate the hospital on the map. There are interesting apps which locates the symptom just by selecting the particular area on the body. Healthcare is greatly benefited with the introduction of mobile apps as they are able to serve the patients better.

We have experts working round the clock to devise the most reliable solution in the health sector. Our dedicated service for research and development has bloomed as interesting mobile solutions that are stable and secured. Some of the solutions that we have formulated are given below which meets the current need in the industry.

  • My Clinic
    My Clinic

    Most useful application for the patients to schedule an appointment with the clinic 24x7 basis. Flexible option to contact clinic on one touch call as...

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  • Mobile App For 108 Ambulance
    Mobile App For 108 Ambulance

    Must have application for Ambulance drivers and doctors to record the photos of the accident scene for the purpose of reporting to police or insurance...

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