Integrate and control all projects under one particular roof along with good rapport with client

Project Management and Colloboration

Project Management and Colloboration

Blinkbee Technologies induces the best collaboration and integration among the various modules of project development life cycle facilitating the software development team to increase their productivity and furnish flawless end products. Blinkbee’s project management and collaboration integrates and manages all the projects under one roof and establishes a rapport with the clients with close follow up and contact. It allows for planning, tracking, and collaboration of the project activity.

The application features robust tracking and scheduling of the projects making it ideal for all types and levels of businesses: small, medium, and large. The application closely monitors the project using the activity module. The application also enables fast, flexible and dynamic project execution. Blinkbee project management and collaboration supports multiple project and cross-project handling with alerts, dashboard, and portfolios.

You can also track the event on the timeline with schedules. Managing the time is the best feature within the application with easy to use cross-project and cross-activity timesheets which can be updated on a daily or weekly basis. The project issues can be easily tracked using the custom reports.

A complete file management system is coupled with the application that manages all the files in a separate place. The application also maintains the communication record between the client and the employee. This helps to attend all the needs of the client specifically to monitor the activities and project progress. The collaboration builds communication within the team as well as with the clients.

Blinkbee’s project management and collaboration is suitable across wide verticals of industry for various solutions that include:
  • Product designing for manufacturing industry

  • Regulation compliance covering financial services

  • IT, consulting, and process outsourcing for professional services

  • Emergency management by Government sector

  • Construction and engineering

  • Retail marketing

  • Campaigning and product launch in the field of advertising and media

  • Clinical trials for healthcare sector

Blinkbee’s project management and collaboration is a web-based solution which has special features like:
  • Allows project team to collaborate efficiently on project activities

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use solution that supports other planning tools

  • Includes complete visual Gantt chart functionality

  • Fully-featured project scheduling and tracking

  • Superior collaboration and reporting tools

  • Real-time project visibility

The various functional units of the project management and collaboration application include:
  • Project tracker: Provides the central place to plan, track, and monitor communication. Tasks are assigned to employees and a complete communication is build within team and with the client until the project is completed.

  • Collaborator: Association within employees and client. Allows for sharing files. Notifications on the happenings, discussions, and comment that are archived.

  • Email Notification: All the happenings, discussions, and comments are notified via email.

  • Time saver: Project templates are available along with facility for easy rescheduling and adding new tasks

  • Integration: Integrating with other tools and services through API


The project management and collaboration application is developed using the technologies PHP, Jquery, Web 2.0, and AJAX. The application is supported by all platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, etc.

  • User friendly menus navigation

  • Event tracking and management

  • Charts for work progression against planned event

  • Activity progress monitoring

  • Collaborative communications

  • Centralized documents

  • Constant updation

  • Reports

  • Gain project control

  • Secure multi-enterprise collaboration

  • Manages simple to complex projects easily

  • Centralizes and simplifies project management

  • Planning and tracking of project events

  • Improves project execution, decreases cycle time & risks

  • Reduces costs of project management

  • Enables collaboration directly in project context

  • Improves productivity

  • Streamlines reporting

  • Shorten project team members’ learning curve

  • Improves communications and customer satisfaction

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Minimal IT support

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