A New Dimension of Holding Patient Information

EMR Software & Solutions

EMR Software & Solutions

EMR application is a sincere effort to reduce the manual workload at hospital and clinic to manage the patient records and appointments. The information recorded in the application can be very useful for giving proper treatment to the patient. Referral doctors can easily identify the details of the patient using this medical record.

Detailed patient information like allergies, medication, immunization etc can be recorded in the application. The application can be randomly searched for patient details using criteria like name, sex, group, dialysis, contact, issues, medical insurance etc. EMR application from NDOT is notably functional and complete.

Patient Record Management

A mammoth task is made easy with EMR application which helps to manage the entire patient details and their visit, appointment scheduling, procedure order tracking, billing and much more. EMR application handles patient record easily with option for speech dictation to record the visit in proper format. Every encounter of the patient is properly recorded which allows for proper billing which is managed by the application. The patient details like allergy and other medical issues are also recorded such that proper treatment is provided to the patient.

EMR application is a patient-centric application where all the menu options are based on the selected patient.

  • The calendar function allows to schedule appointments

  • Patient summary can be viewed

  • Patient visits and their group can be determined

  • Vitals like height, weight, temperature can be recorded

  • Procedures like blood test can be assigned and reviewed

  • Alert reminders about test, medication etc can be set

  • Billing, checkout, payments, and fee sheet can be generated

Application Administration

EMR is a fault-proof application which precisely handles all the elements and data associated with the application. Admin can built the basics to manage the application.

  • Overall global values like theme, style, navigation area etc can be set by administrator

  • Facilities or hospital details can be added to use within application

  • All the users of the application can be registered with authorization status

  • Address book is maintained by the application

  • Pharmacy details can be added

  • Disease names can be included with medical codes

  • Layouts of various forms can be designed

  • Various lists like immunization, education etc can be updated

  • Users can be assigned with access control for using application

  • Files and backup can be managed

  • Rules, alerts, and reminders can be defined

Features of EMR
  • Manage patient records

  • Record details like allergies and medication

  • Patient summary

  • Schedule patient appointments

  • Patient reminder management

  • Manage patient visit

  • Messages across personnel's

  • Manage groups like diabetic

  • Manage procedures and orders

  • Define basic usage elements

  • Assign ICD codes

  • Manage address book

  • Inventory management

  • Manage fee details like billing,checkout

  • Document directory management

  • Reports management

  • Quick search of patient

  • Popups of bill,checkout and more

  • Print registration form, fee sheet, referral etc

  • Patient education materials

  • Order tracking

  • Change user login password

  • Manage end user setting

Advantages of EMR
  • Calendar to manage appointments and events

  • Communication via messaging

  • Easily handle patient records

  • Locate patient records based on groups or visits

  • Speech dictation

  • Record vitals

  • SOAP based clinical record

  • View history of patient encounter and treatment

  • Administration facilities to manage application

  • Add new medical codes, user, pharmacy, reminders etc


NDOT Technologies has meticulously developed the EMR application with multiple features that brings liveness to the application. The application can be customized for your needs with robust admin control panel. Contact us at sales@ndottech.com for more details. We look forward to serve you as our customer.

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