Schedule the regular patient checkups and visits to the doctor in a single click with reminders

Patient Appointment Scheduler

Patient Appointment Scheduler

Patient scheduling is one of the most challenging task for the medical practice. They have to manage the heavy patient inflow and the unscheduled patients along with their regular office work. In order to manage the patient scheduling efficiently, Blinkbee Technologies presents the Patient Appointment Scheduler as the best solution. It is very easy-to-use, powerful, cost-effective, and time-saving solution that is capable of managing multiple schedules and offices.

The patients can fix an appointment comfortably from home. They can also fill all the registration details and medical history prior to the appointment from home reducing the work of the hospital staff and last minute tensions for doctor appointment.

The application allows the user to view multiple resources on the screen like calendar and scheduler with options to locate each physician and identify where and when they are available. The appointment and schedules can be searched using resource, location, category, day of the week, date or time.

Blinkbee’s patient appointment scheduler connects the patients with their clinic 24 x 7. The application follows HIPAA rules and ensures patient security and secure data.

Product Features
  • Quick patient scheduling

  • Check availability of doctor

  • Find the open times of the doctor for appointments

  • Easy drag and drop scheduling

  • Multiple scheduler in a single view

  • Share appointment information

  • Email appointment reminders and patient letters

  • Fill cancellations and no shows from waiting list

  • Decrease no shows with automated patient reminder phone calls

  • Attach files and photos to patient record

  • Online appointment request

  • Manage waiting times of patients

  • Audit trail to track appointment changes by user

  • Schedule by physician, location, appointment type, and equipment availability

  • Multiple resource view

  • Color coded for quick reference

  • Easy to identify vacant slots

  • Record of patients for future reference

  • Convenient for changing appointments

  • Demographic information from billing service

  • Avoid redundant patient records

  • Automated patient reminder leading to reduced no shows

  • Physician’s day appointment at one glance

  • Temporary patient registration

  • Completely customizable for the Doctor’s unique schedule

  • Time, money, and frustrations are reduced

  • Reschedule appointments quickly and efficiently

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