Timely Photos to Fetch Medical Attention and Insurance

108 Ambulance Mobile Application

108 Ambulance Mobile Application

108 Ambulance Mobile Application

Rate of road accidents has considerable increased with increased number of vehicles on the road as well as driver's carelessness in few cases or pedestrian. 108 Ambulance mobile application helps to provide immediate medical attention to the victims by completing first sight procedures like taking photos. There is need for a strong evidence to convince the insurance company to prove whose fault that the accident has happened to claim the policy. In such cases one can take the support of police reports or application like 108 ambulance.

Ambulance reaches the accident spot quickly but sometimes may have to wait for official formalities of police. This may cause a delay in providing medical attention to the victim. In such cases, 108 ambulance application can be very useful which allows the ambulance driver or doctor to take photos of the accident scene and forward the same to the emergency responders or police in order to proceed with treatment. The details sent can be viewed on web or mobile browser.

The police can reach the spot using the GPS features since the area name and location details are sent to the emergency responders via email. The application also provide information to the insurance company instantly with photo evidence of the damage caused to the vehicle or to the person.

Advantages of 108 Ambulance App
a. Immediate medical attention

The ambulance driver or the doctor can take the photos of the accident scene, depth of injury to victim, and damage to the vehicle such that victims can be provided with immediate medical attention without waiting for the arrival of police to the spot. The handover time is greatly reduced.

b. Police Record

The pictures taken via the application serves for police investigation. Even the eye witness statement can be recorded in the application that can be very useful for the police record. A recorded message of the incident can be sent as mail to the emergency responders or police

c. Contact Insurance company

The application helps to complete the details required for the insurance company such as policy number, vehicle information etc. Along with these information, photos of the accident and damage to the vehicle can be attached and sent as an email to the insurance company which is acknowledged by the company which helps to claim the policy.

Features of 108 Ambulance app
  • GPS coordinates

  • Camera aligned with app to take photos

  • Document accident scene

  • Picture of vehicle registration, driver license etc

  • Photos of damage to vehicle

  • log details of license place, driver name, insurance company

  • Witness contact information

  • Contact emergency responders or police

  • Email incident information

  • Send recorded message or make call

Benefits of 108 Ambulance app
  • Quick medical attention to the injured

  • Reduced handover time

  • Manage insurance formalities to claim money

  • Basis for claiming personal injury lawsuit

  • Record depth of the accident and injury via photos

  • Record of total damage to vehicleRecord of total damage to vehicle

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