Get to know about nearest ATMs and Banks with geolocation details to reach the place

Android and iPhone Application for ATM/Bank Locater

Android and iPhone Application for ATM/Bank Locater

Why need ATM/Bank locater?

There might have been number of situations where you might have searched for an ATM or a bank nearby to withdraw cash. Sometimes you may be interested to know about the Bank or ATMs nearby in a particular place. For all these reasons, you need a ATM/Bank locater mobile application which can provide you the information with few clicks on the mobile phones. This application can be handy for the user to locate the ATMs in unknown places.

Why choose us?

We are one of the market leaders in developing innovative mobile applications that suits the need of the people. We have a dedicated workforce who are talented to device the best solution. All our mobile applications are distinct with unique features. We have developed the ATM/Bank locater suitable for multiple platforms like Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

ATM/Bank locater

The ATM/Bank locater is an interesting application that will find the nearest ATM centre or Banks within the specified location. It locates the ATM/Bank based on geolocation on the map. This ATM finder can also define whether the ATM is located near a Bank or within other premises like shopping complex. The user can also find the ATM or Banks in any location using search option

  • Find nearest ATM/Bank

  • Distinguish between ATM location in a bank or other places

  • Locate using search option

Locate the distance

The ATM/Bank locater application helps to find the distance between the user and the nearest ATM using the geo locations on the interactive map. The user interface of the ATM/Bank locater is very simple and user-friendly that any one can understand it and operate it easily. Using the map options, the user can easily reach the place.

  • Geo location on the interactive map

  • User-friendly application

  • Find distance between user and ATM

Tips for safe money transaction

This ATM finder application not only searches the near by ATMs but also provides useful tips for handling safe money transaction. It suggests what to do in situations when the machine pull backs the money into machine itself. It provides certain guidelines on how to handle when such unusual events happens at ATM.

  • Useful tips for making transaction

  • Tips to handle situation when ATM machine pull back amount

  • Guidelines for handling odd events while taking money in ATM

Smart reminders

The ATM/Bank locater can help you to locate the nearest branches of your own Bank. It also counts and reminds the ATM transaction using other banks for the calendar month to avoid surcharges.

  • Locate the nearest your own Bank's branch

  • Reminds about ATM transaction with other bank

  • Avoids surcharges

Share ATM locations

The ATM finder application for Android and iPhone platforms allows to share the location of the ATM or bank with others using the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The location details can also be sent as text messages or email. This can be very useful to communicate the location address of the ATM/Bank with others who do not have this application.

  • Share location of ATM/Bank through social media

  • Send messages and email about ATM locations to others

Features of ATM/Bank locater

  • Locate the nearest ATM/Bank.

  • Locate ATMs or Banks in other locations using search.

  • Locate the user's own ATM/Bank branch nearby.

  • GPS based location finder.

  • Interactive map to locate distance between user and ATM/Bank.

  • Distinguish between ATM near bank or in other places like shopping complex.

  • Provide useful tips for safe money transaction.

  • Notes transaction with other bank ATM and reminds.

  • Avoids surcharges.

  • Allows to share ATM/bank locations over social media.

  • Speedy navigation.

  • Simple and easy to use interface

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