Automate, organize, and synchronize the various business process to reduce expenses on marketing

Android and iPhone Application for CRM

Android and iPhone Application for CRM

Why you need CRM app?

It is high time for most of the organizations to realize that the key to remain successful and stable in today's dynamic marketplace is by forging a good long-term relationship with customers. Technology is not stable and is dynamic. So, the type of services offered by business may not continue for long.

The needs and requirements of the customers keep changing and there is a need of having a solution that is essential to build a good relationship with customers. That is where the CRM solution comes into the foreplay. It helps to tap into the needs and requirements of customers. And the availability of this solution on mobile phones, it is going to be really interesting.

Why choose us?

Being one of the market leaders in mobile apps, we know what customers want and how to satisfy it. Our dedicated workforce are talented and dedicated that they work round the clock to deliver the best solution. All our mobile applications are distinct and have unique features. We have developed the CRM Mobile App suitable for multiple platforms like Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

Customer Relationship Management app

The CRM App is an interesting application that helps in automating, organizing, and synchronizing the entire business process. The app gives the user the ability to analyze and interpret the various business decisions.

It acts as a marketing strategy that is not only cost effective but searches and attracts new clients. So it is simple and not convoluted. Plus the biggest advantage is that it is very easy to use.

Project and resource planning

The CRM App helps in the effective project planning. It helps the user to verify and create various project planning procedures like scheduling activities, creating reports,etc. The user can find out what are the basic activities that are required in doing the projects and breaking it down into sub modules.

The basic aim of the project planning procedure is to plan on how customer requirement change and what the current ones are. Also the application helps in managing the resources of the organization. It shows the different hierarchy of employees and what work or function they do. Basically, the app helps in setting a clear understanding of the work and procedures that are followed in the organization

  • Effective project planning

  • Create and input the project plan in business operations

  • Knowledge of the basic activities involved in project planning

  • Managing the resources of the organizations

  • Making sure that there is enough resources to do the work

Project and program management

One of the greatest advantages of using the CRM App is that it allows the user to schedule project activities and assign dates to the app. It gives an overview information to the user on how long each task will take to complete. And it will inform the user about any potential risk that could happen in the project. Even it will also help in the optimum utilization of available resources.

In addition to that, the app helps in effective program management which will ensure that the overall project goals are met. It helps in coordinating and prioritizing the various resources of the project and managing the overall risks and cost of the project.

  • Scheduling project activities

  • Overview of information on how long it will take to complete a task

  • GEffective program management

  • Ensuring the overall project goals met

  • Managing and avoiding the overall risk of the project

Time and work registration along with document management

The CRM App helps in noting down the time spend in each module. It helps in knowing and planning how much time is taken for doing a particular work. Also it allows the user to effectively manage reports and documents.

Using the app, you can search for documents, arrange them in a sequential order and even store in a particular location. You could also take a backup copy of the documents and get advanced security for them.

  • Recording of the time taken for doing each project.

  • Helps in planning and avoiding the wastage of time

  • Effective management of reports and documents

  • Sequential arrangement of documents

  • Storing of documents and protecting it from unauthorized users

Travel and cost management

The important aspect of using this application is that it helps in maintaining good relationship with customers without directly meeting them face to face. You can maintain a cordial relationship with the customer and save time in meeting them. The unwanted traveling expenses can be avoided.

Besides that the app also allows the user to effectively manage the various expenses involved in the project. It helps to create budgets, analyze it, and avoid the unnecessary cost. It helps to filter out the unwanted expenses and makes sure that you don't come across it in the future.

  • Maintaining good relationship with customers without meeting them

  • Saves the unwanted traveling time and expenses

  • Creates budgets and helps in analyzes

  • Avoids unnecessary expenses from cropping up

Reporting system and billing

CRM App allows the user to create reports and maintain them. It gives the user an option to review the reports and analyze each and every aspect of the organizational work. Also using the application, you can create the accounts of potential customers and manage them.

You can find out which customers' payment is pending, how many of them have made partial payments, etc. The app also helps to send payment reminders to users.

  • Creating reports and maintaining them

  • Check reports and analyze the content in them

  • Creating accounts of potential customers

  • Sending payment reminders

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