Get to browse the deals in the city on your mobile platform with category-wise listing

Android and iPhone Application for Daily Deals

Android and iPhone Application for Daily Deals

Android and iPhone Application for Daily Deals

The daily deals work on the concept of selling products at low pricing when a group of people are ready to buy the product. People welcomed this daily deal concepts which has been successful across multiple industry such as travels, hotels, beauty&spa, and much more. The major players like eBay and Amazon showing gross profits around $9.87 billion, this industry proves to be the most profitable one.

People have become more comfortable with daily deals and hugely welcome the same on the mobile platform. The mobile daily deals application allows the users to buy the deals at anytime from anywhere. They can shop through the mobile and flexible pay using credit card. We have developed the most robust daily deals mobile application for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry platform.

Why choose us?

We maintain the industry standards to make the daily deal mobile application to be compact for the users. Our solution is user-friendly which is time-tested for proper functioning. We have more than 50+ skilled mobile users who is supported with good infrastructure. We support you at all stages and help you reach your success in business.

Daily deals

The daily deals or offers are based on the concept of selling the products or services at relatively lower price when a group of people are ready to buy the deals. People have become very much used with this idea that they tend to make their shopping using daily deals. There are plenty of products and services on the daily deal site such as clothings, dine services, healthcare, cosmetics, accessories, spa, furniture, electronics, automotive, entertainment, sports, kids, and much more.

  • Get deals at low price when there are group buyers

  • Daily deals has become very common among people

  • Many categories of products/services available

Daily deals on mobile

The daily deals on the mobile is the most flexible solution for the users for comfortable shopping using their mobiles and pay using credit cards. It is preferred by the people since is it is flexible as well as allows to shop on the go without any barrier on time or place. They can shop the products by locating the nearest store such that they can easily get the products using cash-on-delivery. The daily deal application keeps the user informed about the latest deals which increases the probability of sales conversion rate through the mobile phones.

  • Shop through mobile

  • Pay safely using mobile

  • Locate the nearest stores

  • Notify latest deals

  • Increases sales conversion rate

Browse the deals

The user can browse the daily deals on the mobile platform which is listed categorically. All the deals related to the particular place will be listed. The details related to particular deal will be displayed on selection.

  • Category-wise listing of products

  • Browse products easily

  • Details of each product

Filter the deals

The daily deals can be filtered based on the category and city selected. When the city is selected, all the deals from that place is displayed. The user can also choose the category to make the search more precise to find his/her product or offer. This can save the time of the user and allow him to do shop quickly and easily.

  • Filter based on category and city

  • Search for particular product

  • Reduces the time to find product

Buy deals and pay

The user can browse and find his product and select to buy the deals. The user have to do the payment using the payment gateway integration such as credit card or Paypal. There is also option available for cash-on-delivery. The whole process is so simple that user can just use his mobile phone to buy offers

  • Click to buy

  • Pay using Paypal or creditcard

  • Pay also using cash-on-delivery method

Instant deals /deal of the day

The mobile daily deal application indicates the users about the deals that are displayed instantly on the platform. The special attractive offers or deal of the day is also displayed on the mobile application. The user can be benefited by availing the latest offers.

  • Instant deals option

  • Display deal of the day

Gift a coupon

The user can buy the offer and gift the coupon to his/her friends. This is done through simple procedures using the mobile.

  • Gift a coupon to friend

  • Simple procedures

  • Pay also using cash-on-delivery method

Receive reminder messages and notifications

The user can receive the regular updates about the deals. Notification is sent to the user if there is any new deals added. The user will also receive reminder message about when the coupons will expire.

  • Regular updates about deals

  • Notify addition of new deals

  • Reminder about coupon expiry

Interactive map

The user can locate the deals on the interactive map. The user can find the distance between the shop and the current location. One can find the nearest retailer to get the products/deals purchased using the application.

  • Locate deals and shop on map

  • Find distance between user and shop

  • Purchase deals from nearest shop flexibly

Social media share

The mobile application for daily deal is completely interactive and reaches to the audience at best. The user can share the coupon on the social media. The user can also place the recommendation about the products on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Share coupon on Facebook or Twitter

  • Recommend the deals

Features of Daily Deals Mobile Application

  • Review the deals with easy user interface.

  • Find the deal in your city or in your current location.

  • Filter the deals based on city or category name.

  • Share the coupon in social media like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Gift the coupon to any friend.

  • Send the coupon to others via sms or email.

  • Receive notifications if new deals are added.

  • Buy deals and pay using Paypal integration.

  • Pay also using the cash-on-delivery method.

  • Interactive map to reach the shop to get the deal.

  • Locate distance between the shop and current location.

  • Receive reminder messages about coupon expiry.

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