Reserve or cancel rooms in a single step with updates like cost of suite, room availability etc

Android and iPhone Application for Hotel Booking

Android and iPhone Application for Hotel Booking

Need for Hotel Booking mobile application

Reservation for hotel rooms must have been a tedious effort for you. You would have to call in advance and sometimes the end message that you would get is that either there is no free rooms available or the prices are high for long.Most of the time you must have got irritated in postponing your business trip or vacation because of not getting a luxurious hotel of your choice.

Why choose us?

There could be various software and application development companies in the market who design the same type of products. But there is no guarantee that they are following the industry standards. We on the other hand, follow the rules and regulations laid down by the mobile application industry.Also taking the services of other mobile application cannot guarantee that it is going to be user-friendly and easy to use. The entire mobile application for any kind of phone like iPhone, Android and Blackberry is done by us in an efficient and simple manner.

Hotel Booking mobile applications

The Hotel Booking Mobile Application allows the user to check which are the hotels that are nearby and how many of them have rooms available that suit their budget. This app helps to reserve rooms, check out for special offers and discounts.The enhanced app helps the user to find the exact location and will even display the route on how to reach the hotel. You could also track the current events happening and know the cost of each suite of the rooms.

Reserving Rooms and Filtering the star level

The Hotel Booking Mobile Application allows the user to reserve rooms in advance. Just by logging on to your Smartphone and within a few clicks you can easily find rooms as per your choice and reserve them in minutes. You can check out the Star level, i.e. whether the hotel is four or five stars. In addition to that, you can also know what kind of cuisines you get and the type of rooms whether it is single or double bedroom rooms that are available.

  • Reserving Rooms in advance

  • Look out for hotel as per the Star level

  • Know about the cuisines that are available

  • Check for the type of the room whether it is a single or double room

Check out for special offers and reserve spas

Using the Hotel Booking Application, you can check out for the latest offers, discounts, etc. In addition to that you can reserve for spas and special treatments along with your hotel package.Also you can even book restaurants and banquets for special function in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to call the reception and confirm. Everything can be done from your Smartphone.

  • Check out for the latest offers and discounts

  • Reserve for spas and special treatments

  • Book restaurants and banquets for special events

  • No need to continuously call or confirm by talking with the reception

Arrange meeting and dinning hall

You can easily arrange for an important meeting by using your Smartphone. Just by clicking on the app, you can book the meeting hall for the entire day or for some hours. Even you can reserve a private dining hall so that you can have a private and peaceful time with your loved ones. All these can be easily done using the mobile app.

  • Arrange for important meetings

  • Book a meeting hall for an entire day or few hours

  • Reserve private dining hall with pride lounge

Creating your own family dinning package

The Hotel Booking Mobile app allows the user to search for the particular kind of dinning package that he or she wants. Not only that, the user can create his or her own dinning package as per their needs. In addition to that, the user can select the type of cuisine that he or she wants and add it to the created package. Even the user can order it from the list.

  • Search for a particular dinning package

  • Create a dinning package as per the user needs

  • Select the time of cuisine and order from it

Prior selection of cuisine and table in advance

The user can select the type of cuisine he or she wants and even book the table in advance. All the user has to do is click on the Smartphone and the table will be booked under the user's name. In addition to that, the user can get the cuisine delivered to his room in minutes.

  • Select the type of cuisine

  • Book a special table one hour in advance

  • Get the cuisine delivered to the room

Book an island with heritage spa and view the photos of the hotel

The best part of using the Hotel Mobile App is that the user can book an island with heritage spa and other facilities. There is no need for the user to call the hotel authorities and confirm. On the mobile with the help of the app, the user can easily book for the finest islands that has the exquisite spas and other heritage facilities.

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