Use this interactive app with GPS facility that can help you to get a taxi in one single touch call

Android and iPhone Application for taxis

Android and iPhone Application for taxis

Need of 'Tag My Taxi' mobile application

There must have been times when you are getting late for the office or going to the airport. As you hurriedly get down the stairs of your apartment’s entrance or standing on the pathway, you must have wished if just an empty taxi passed your way. Waiting for a taxi, and that too for a long time is a serious daunting task. It is at such distressful times, you really understand the importance of ‘Tag My Taxi’ Mobile application.

With a single click of a button in your iPhone or Android or Blackberry phone, you can make the taxi stand at your doorstep. A cool and smart service right on your phone. Truly, it is quite beneficial for both you as well as the taxi driver. You don’t need to waste time waiting for the taxi and the taxi drivers don’t need to remain idle. It is a win and win situation.

Why choosing us

There could be many software and application development companies in the market who design the same type of product. But are they following the industrial standards? There is no guarantee in that. We on the other hand, follow the rules and regulations laid down by the mobile application industry. There is no doubt in it. Taking the services of other mobile application cannot guarantee that it is going to be user-friendly and easy to use. The entire mobile application for any kinds of phone like iPhone, Android and Blackberry is done by us in an efficient and simple manner.

'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application

The 'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application is an easy to use and innovative software. With just one click of the button on your mobile phone, you can do the following things -

  • Make yourself visible to taxi drivers

  • Give them the exact location of the pickup

  • Inform your preference whether you want an AC or Non-AC model

  • Inform the drop details

Tips for using 'Tag My Taxi' mobile application

For taxi drivers, it is something that they have been needing for a long time. Rather than sitting idle and wasting time by going around in search of potential passengers, they can easily check whether there is any passenger nearby. A lot of savings can be made, as they won't be wasting gasoline which is greatly becoming expensive.

The application is interactive and very easy to use. By clicking on the 'Find taxi' option, your phone's GPRS gets activated . So if there is any taxi driver nearby, this GPRS signal will be shown in their mobile. Depending on the distance between the taxi and the passenger, the taxi driver can choose to respond or not. Passengers in the same way have the choice to get into the taxi that fulfill their needs, like AC, Wheel chair accessibility, etc.

  • Interactive application which is easy to use.

  • The activated GPRS signal will show your location.

Tracking the arrival of the taxi and its fare

One of the best features of 'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application, is that you can know how much time it will take for the taxi to reach your destination. So accordingly, you can plan your time and action. In addition to that, you can calculate the fare right on your mobile. So you don't need to keep checking the meter or ask the taxi driver. It will be precise as well as accurate.

  • Being aware of the time taken for the taxi to reach your destination.

  • Easy calculation of the fare on the mobile

Setting up the destination and drop information

The ‘Tag My Taxi’ Mobile application helps the passenger to set the pick up as well as the drop details. So the passenger doesn’t need to specify the exact location where he or she is going. All the passenger has do is tell the street name to the driver.For taxi driver, it will help them to plan accordingly. If they are able to know prior where they have to take the customer, they can plan the route and look for shortcuts and diversions to avoid the possible traffic.

Plus if the driver is new to that area, this application will show the map as well as the direction on how to reach to the passenger’s pick up site and then from there how to reach the destination.Another added feature to this application is that you can store upto about twenty favorite or common destination. So all you have to do is just pass the map of the destination or show the way on how to reach the destination of your choice to the taxi driver.

  • Helps the user to inform the taxi driver where to pick up and drop.

  • Allows the taxi driver to plan accordingly as the information is available to him prior.

  • New drivers can use the map to know where to pick up the user from and where to drop.

  • Ability to store 20 favorite common destinations.

Multiple booking for future and feedback

The 'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application allows you to do multiple booking for the future. You can book a taxi in advance and get the details of the taxi in a short moment. As soon as you type in your preferences like the number of people, AC or Non AC , car model, wheel chair accessibility, etc; all these will get stored in the application server. It will then be send to those taxi drivers who have got the specifications that you want. Once it get sets, you will get the taxi number and the details of the taxi driver on your phone.

You could give your suggestions and openly tell on how the taxi driver drove, the time taken to reach the destination, etc. If you have any suggestions that you want to specify about the application, you can easily do that too.

  • Ability to do multiple booking in the future.

  • The information of the taxi driver and the car number will be available within seconds.

  • User can give valuable feedback at the end of the trip

  • Suggestions can also be shared by the user.

Easy cancellation and SMS confirmation

Uncertainties are bound to occur in every situations. Sometimes circumstances may lead you to cancel the trip. In that case, you can easily do it using the 'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application. As soon as you cancel or book any trip, you will immediately get a SMS regarding it.

  • Easy cancellation of advance booking.

  • Confirmation through SMS within minutes of the cancellation.

Interactive map

The 'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application has an interactive map that gives a clear view of the free taxis and passengers available in the area. There is even an option where passengers can know which was the last three pick up and drop location of the taxi.

  • Interactive map to give clear view of the city.

  • Free to use for the user as well as the taxi driver.

  • The ability to know the last three pickup and drop of the particular taxi.

Freedom of choice

The 'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application gives the freedom of choice to both the passenger and the taxi driver. A passenger can select in which taxi he or she wants to go. And for the driver, he can choose which passenger is nearby him. This freedom of choice and selection is what makes the application innovative and stand apart from other applications in the market.

  • Freedom of choice for both user and taxi driver

  • No pressure for the taxi driver to respond to all the request of the users nearby.

Booking a taxi in an easy and convenient way must have been a distant dream. But now it is possible with the help of the 'Tag My Taxi' Mobile application.

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