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Android and iPhone Application for Travel Booking

Android and iPhone Application for Travel Booking

Why you need Travel Booking app?

There must have been times when you had a tedious time in planning for a vacation. Sometimes you wished if there was some way or another to make it easy and interesting. You must have yearned for an app that would easily help you to know about the various travel packages that are available, their cost, etc.

Have you ever thought about an app that could easily help you to plan for your vacation, help you to choose the destination, the availability of ticket, booking hotel and restaurants,etc. All these are quite possible with the Travel Booking App. With a single click on the button of your Smartphone, you can easily book tickets and know their status and availability.

Why choose us?

Among the various mobile development and application enterprises in the market, no one has got the abundance of experience like us. We have been pioneers in developing loads of apps and softwares for mobile phone.

Our enthusiastic team of developers work round the clock to satisfy the requirements of users. The Travel Booking App is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It is a quite user-friendly app that is available at a reasonable rate.

Travel Booking App

The application helps users to do various functions like schedule their traveling, booking tickets online, etc. It is so innovative that a user can schedule his or her traveling appointments within seconds with a single click of a button.

In addition to that the app also helps the user to know if there is any delay in the flight and the cost of the traveling package. This can be greatly useful as you can know how much you are paying for a particular package as well as you can know every single movement of the flight like its arrival and departure.

Plus the app also ensures the secure method of payment, so that no external sources or third party individuals can become aware of the transaction, least get access to it.

  • Easy scheduling of traveling and booking tickets

  • Being aware of whether the flight is delayed or early

  • Cost of each travel package

  • Secure method of payment

  • Avoids third party individuals like hackers from accessing or knowing about the transaction

Ticket availability and booking

One of the flexible feature of the Travel App is that you can know about the availability of the ticket. Rather than waiting to know the status of the ticket, you can easily check for the availability of the ticket on that particular day or look for an alternative flight.

Besides that you can make sure that the ticket is available by booking in advance. This particular feature can be easily found in the app. Since the app is easy to use, you are going to enjoy and have an easy time in booking tickets from the mobile. Just imagine while you are in a meeting or traveling, you can easily check for the availability of tickets and even book them.

  • Easy to know about the availability of the ticket

  • Helps to plan for alternative flight in case the ticket is unavailable

  • Easy way of booking in advance

  • Booking tickets in an interactive and easy manner from your mobile

  • Gives the freedom of booking tickets while on the go.

  • Convenience and freedom right at your fingertips.

Creating travel package

Selecting the particular package or the flight is one thing, but with the Travel Booking App, you can create your own travel package. You can customize the package as per your need.

You get to choose the type of hotel you want to stay, the food that is offered, the number of days, etc. In short, you are in control over your vacation experience that you always wished for.

  • Creating the package of your choice

  • Customizing it as per your needs

  • Have the authority of selecting each and every minute component of the package

  • Gives you the kind of vacation that you always wished for

Viewing the place of vacation and setting world class standards

A good thing about using the Travel Booking App is that you can get the entire information of the place well-in hand before booking it. You can see the pictures of the beautiful places to visit, the famous tourist destinations of the area, the testimonials written by tourist who have visited that place before; right on your mobile. This helps in setting a world class standard for travelers as well as tourist.

  • Knowing about the place well-in advance

  • Viewing the videos and pictures of the famous spots on the mobile

  • Check out the testimonials written by tourist about the place

  • Creates a world class standard for both tourist and travelers.

Receiving notifications

Most of us would like to know what kind of offers or discounts are available. Such offers and discounts are the ones that attract people to take a particular package. And if this notification is received on the mobile, it would really be effective. The Travel Booking App helps the user to know about the various notifications and special offers that are available.

  • Knowing about offers and discount

  • Notification available on the mobile

  • Gives option to the user to go through various offers and select them

Security of payment

In order to book or to make payment, the user has to register with the software, and then login. Once an account is created, the user can select the particular package and make payment through the Paypal account. The user can avoid worrying about the security of the transaction as they will be secured and safe. Their account cannot be hacked or misused as the transactions will not be publicly disclosed.

  • Secured payment

  • All transactions are done through Paypal account

  • Less chance of the transaction being hacked or misused

Best service and viewing the reservation records

The best part of using the Travel Booking App is that it informs the user about the various extra luxurious like the availability of AC/ Non AC car to pick up and drop, luxurious coaches for touring, etc. In short, it makes sure that customers get the best experience of their lifetime and have a blast. It truly brings their traveling experience to the next level.

Plus the application also informs the user about the past, current and the future reservation that can be done. The application has a built-in system which will show the records of the past reservation made by the user. It will also show the current reservation that is done and the available reservation dates for the coming months.

  • Knowing about extra luxuries

  • Gives customers an experience of a lifetime

  • Informs about the past and current reservations

  • Know about the available reservation dates for the future.

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