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Android and iPhone Application for Virtual Mobile Classroom

Android and iPhone Application for Virtual Mobile Classroom

Why we need online classes?

Nothing can give the explicit feeling of attending classes at your convenience. Rather than going to the university, sitting at the desk, hearing the boring lectures and sleeping off, it is always live and interactive if one takes online virtual classes. And just imagine if you are able to attend the classes through your mobile phone. It is going to be a new experience. A virtual mobile classroom allows both students as well as professors to take classes and learn effectively and efficiently, without leaving their places.

Why choose us?

Being the market leaders in developing mobile applications that are quite user-friendly, we have been making applications which satisfy the needs of the people. What makes it possible is the dedicated team of staffs who are enthusiastic in not only developing but also solving the entire mobile application for various platforms. The Virtual Mobile Classroom is developed for multiple platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Virtual mobile classroom

An interactive classroom filled with students who are located at different places and a teacher who is taking the class from his home or office. This is what virtual mobile classroom is about. The class is being held through a mobile or Smartphone. A new innovative way of learning that is not only convenient but also interesting.

Group discussion board and slide shows

The group discussion board is an interactive chat system that enables both the professor as well as the students to communicate with each other. It is a real time communication with online users. In addition to that, there is an option of sharing and creating slide shows, so that students as well as the professors can refer them. It can also be downloaded by the concerned professor or students.

  • Interactive chat system that both the professor as well as students can use.

  • Real time communication.

  • The ability to download the slide shows that are created and shared.

Student control and media files broadcast

The Virtual Mobile Classroom app gives authority to the professor to control and monitor the activities of the students. It can prevent the students from playing games, visiting social network sites and creating events. So it is quite similar to a real university class. Broadcasting of media files can be done in a simple and strategic manner. It is so simple and easy and there are no complicated procedures involved.

  • Authority is with the professors to monitor and control the activities of students.

  • Prevents students from visiting social network sites and playing games.

  • Similar to an university class.

  • Simple and easy broadcast of media files.

Video conferencing and online quiz

The best part of the Virtual Mobile Classroom app is that through the video conferencing , real time image and voice transformation takes place. Through video conferencing, professors can show live experiments and techniques of making models, etc. In addition to that , professors can take online pop up quizzes to test the technical knowledge of the students.

  • Real time image and voice transformation through video conferencing.

  • Allows professors to show live techniques and experiments.

  • Gives professors the chance to hold pop up quizzes.

Uploading files and editing status

With the Virtual Mobile Classroom, professors can download useful course materials. For teaching their class or taking lectures, they need data and information. Sometimes they may need to show an audio or video file. This can be easily done in this particular application.The professor and the students can update and change their profile easily. In case they are on leave or unable to attend the class, they can update their profile as unavailable.

  • Easy download of useful course materials.

  • Easy updation and modification of profile.

Updating schedules and interactive sessions

Updating schedules can be easily done with the help of the Virtual Mobile Classroom. The professor has the authority to update the schedules and change the time of the next lecture. Another innovative feature of this application is that students can have interactive session with their professors where they can clear doubts and ask queries directly. They would get the reply instantly without any delay.

  • Updation of schedule by the Virtual Mobile Classroom app.

  • Authority is with the professors to change the time or update the schedule.

User list box and admin control

The Virtual Mobile Classroom will show you how many students are online along with their username. Through its User List Box, the professor can know how many students are attending the class online.

  • Gives authority to the professors to see which user is online along with the username.

  • The professor can know how many students are attending the class.

  • Preventing a particular user from attending class by the administrator.

  • Easy to download the documents and assignments posted by the professors.

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