Streamlining business channels to speed up sales process in order to increase the profit and ROI

Channel Management

Channel Management

The channel management concentrates on the various channels of the business such as customers, sales, suppliers, marketing, etc and enhance the control on activities. It helps to target the customers with boosted sales and customer service. All the activities of sales are streamlined with effective communication and record keeping.

The NDOT Technologies Channel Management Solution manages to create, update, maintain, and optimize product/services on multiple channels. It supports to sell the product across different channels such as e-commerce channel, online marketing channel, online classified channel, multichannel category mapping ect. The channel management software speeds up the sales process by enabling channel partners to access the application via web.

The software directs for channel selection, feed and price optimization, and ROI reporting. The main aim of the software is to increase the profit and ROI from multiple channels.

The history of the customer such as his past interactions, buying patterns, particular needs, number of successful sales, sales method etc are taken into consideration for devising customized channel management plan for the customers. The software allows to access each aspect of the customer portfolio without any communication barrier leading to repeat customers. The goals and policies for each channel are clearly defined.

The Channel management software can be easily integrated with any CRM platforms. It allows for the flexibility to access the information from anywhere (SaaS method). The software is ready to use without the need for downloading from a secured online location.  

  • Speeds up sales process

  • Reduced errors

  • Incremental revenue growth with a variable cost structure

  • Sales team manages all channel management initiatives

  • Coordinated distribution channel communication

  • Track all the accounts, clients, partners, and leads easily from anywhere

  • Establish customer loyalty with quicker responses, intuitive channel management, automating activities etc

  • Alignment between the channel program and the company goal

  • Software as a Service program (SaaS)

  • Easily integrates with CRM solution

  • Need-specific report generation such as CSE profitability, Sales ratio, Rank analysis report, Price monitoring report etc

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