Know your customers better and manage your inventory with a single click providing retail knowledge

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Irrespective of whether you are a multi-store retailer or a multi-national retailer, we have the perfect solution to convert your point-of-sale (POS) as a software that will help you to know your customers better and manage your inventory on the single click of your mouse. NDOT’s POS  solution handles the complexity of constantly changing pricing strategies and provides enterprise-wide insight into the inventory levels, order, and customer information. The POS software provides you the retail knowledge to mark your success in the business.

The POS solution enhances the operation of the business increasing the speed and accuracy with total control over the inventory which can lead to remarkable profit and growth of the business. The software is suitable for all types of retail business including departmental stores, Garments, electronics and appliances, Restaurants, Boutique, Music shops, mobile showrooms, Auto spares part, Service-based industry etc.

Customer Details: The main function of the POS is similar to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that it records all the details of the customer such as the name, contact address, phone number, email, recent purchase information, and other sale related information.

Business Promotion: The customer is defined under a specific category to identify the pricing policy for analysis and reporting. The information stored can be searched and retrieved reducing human errors. The customer records can be filtered to analyze the shopping patterns and provide taylor-made offers to the customer for business promotions.

Event Notification: The customers can be kept informed about the latest discounts and offers automatically via email notification or SMS.

Corporate Strategies: The customer information can be accessed by the sales personnel from anywhere to provide quality service to the customers reflecting on the profit of the company. The POS assists higher officials to incorporate marketing strategies accurately and efficiently.

  • Rich customer database for future references

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

  • Complete customer purchase history useful for retail promotion

  • Improves operational efficiency

  • Analyze and device strategy for balancing competition

  • Lowers operating cost

  • Increases revenue

  • Easy to use and flexible

  • Lesser training time needed

  • Robust and minimizes all errors

  • Comprehensive inventory classification

  • Inventory optimization

  • Cost effectively manage demand and supply

  • Efficient time utilization for sale

  • Suitable for all types of retail business

  • Audit log to prevent operational errors

  • Centralized return validation

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