Nowadays, the podcast space is teeming with new content for different niches. Content marketing has different forms and shapes. The content creators produce different types of content such as visuals, videos, slide decks and many more. Audio is used in distinct ways to fit right into the content plan. As per the latest study range, it shows that the podcast numbers have grown from 500000 in 2018 to 2 million in 2021. Most knowledge seekers and consumers are tuning in to podcasts every day and there has been a better time for beginning oneself. If you have something experienced to share or a business to scale, podcasts are considered to be an effective way to promote your business. In this blog, we have given below the effective ways to begin a podcast and how you can explore the ways to get started.

Let's take a look at the different ways you can adapt to create a podcast. 

Select A Podcast Subject Topic 

A podcast is considered a potential medium for building authority, generating leads as well as creating engagement for your business. It makes your selection of topics easier. A successful podcast is created with passion and inspiration. Podcasting is considered a difficult task, however, if accomplished with expertise, it will offer long-term benefits. 

Choose A Title For a Podcast

The following stage is selecting the name of the podcast and it is important to keep the name of the podcast short for brevity. Additionally, you can analyze the content of your podcast. A memorable podcast title not only makes the business identifiable but also creates the podcast with keywords. Keywords play a significant role in making your podcasts searchable on search engines like Google. However, make sure not to stuff it with keywords. 

Determine The Format of the Podcast

With a view to creating an engaging podcast, one needs to determine the format of the podcast. The right kind of value that you deliver to the audience matters and selecting the way that can create your message better. The online marketing team makes efforts to create effective lead generation strategies for promoting the podcast. 

For instance, a solo podcaster can go solo. However, in case of forwarding ideas and opinions in your own niche, you can select the interview format.

Mentioned below are some of the mainstream podcasting formats.

  • The monologue
  • Interview format
  • Co-host format
  • Non-fiction 
  • Documentary style format
  • Audio drama podcasts

The Episode Titles

If you have set your mind to giving titles like ‘episode 1 or episode 2’, these titles will not administer any details about the podcast content. Nevertheless one can give titles that add value and elaborates the podcast content. In the exposure of your podcast, the keyword factor matters a lot. The strategy of podcasting Google offers a similar amount of visibility to audio content just as it does to images, text, and videos in the SERPs. A keyword analysis is an important process in finding the right target keywords and putting them in the title as well as the description of the podcast. 

Determine The Schedule of Publishing & Episode Length

One of the best aspects of podcasts is creating a schedule for publishing them and determining the episode length. The schedule of publishing when settled will help you to keep track of the task accordingly. A podcast calendar can give you the flexibility to manage episodes’ ideation, formulation, creation, marketing process and promotion. 

Episode length should be up to that part as long as it educates the audience and acknowledges them. The episode time is based on the right target audience as well as the content. Most popular podcasters try to keep their podcasts to less than 15 minutes.

Create Podcasts Encircling Art

Podcasts covering art help to establish the impression of the audience. In addition to producing visually appealing content, it can represent your business brand clearly. With the help of podcast SEO strategies, the experts can promote them on instinct platforms. Below are some of the relevant steps to ensure you are creating a successful podcast:    

  • Keyword stuffing should not be there on the image
  • Make sure that the artwork completely resonates with the podcast topic
  • Target at achieving brand awareness and consistency
  • Build a multi-platform size adjustable artwork
  • Utilizing contrasting colors
  • Unique designs can elevate the central theme of the podcast subject.

Make Your Podcast Highly Engaging

A podcast can be made engaging with music, intro and outro. The introduction to your podcast should be created in a way that will guide the listeners to the main focus of the podcast. In this context, one can involve personal branding, discussing what the podcast subject to the audience and also introducing the topic of the day.

The podcast final context or the outros should be like closing the curtain of the show as a conclusion. Here you can include thanking your listeners and leaving context for another podcast on an interesting brand-oriented topic leaving clues to the audience. Music sets the mood of the podcast.  

Scripting For Podcasts 

From the very outset, if you are ready with a script for your podcast the entire task becomes structured. For instance, it is relevant to create a proper episode plan that will assist you with the conversational flow. Similarly, bullet points can be used to jot down the subject topic of the episode.

Either you can record your podcast with a microphone or there are system generated voices that read the content that you submit. Some Mac users easily work on their band, logic pro, while others like Windows users utilize a free rendition of an open-source audio editing tool. 

Podcast Recording And Editing

For a podcast recording, one will need a microphone, software and computer for recording your voice. Different other podcasting tools are present to make your podcast splendid. 

As you are prepared with your script it becomes easier for you to speak over a mic. At the time of recording, you should sound like you are addressing your potential audience. Other options of using system-generated voice are also there with which you can create an effective podcast.

Select Podcast Hosting

The time you have attempted to convert your idea into audio, then you are ready to share it live. Beginners are of the conception that podcasters need to upload their podcasts on iTunes and Spotify separately but this isn't the actual scene. 

One needs to sign up for hosting services for podcasts and upload them. The hosting tools are related to several podcast directories like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple podcasts. The different hosting platforms allow you to add players to your website. It offers a platform where listeners can listen, download as well as share the podcast on the website. Mentioned below are lists of some of the podcast platforms.

  • Podbean
  • Captivate
  • Buzzsprout
  • Libsyn

Podcast Promotions

Effective marketing strategies can be used to promote your podcast for attracting new listeners and make the most out of it. 

Creating A Podcast Landing Page 

As you create a podcast landing page, you can avail different benefits. This enables easy marketing of podcasts on different channels. A website page can optimize your podcast for search engine optimization. 

Leverage The Benefit of Social Media

One can find multiple ways for promoting your podcast. Different digital marketing strategies can be used for promoting the podcast and reaching a higher customer base. Herein social media marketing plays a relevant role in promoting podcasts are as follows:

  • Capturing the video and promoting it on social media.
  • The audiograms can be used by combining a soundwave, an image, and the podcast audio track. 
  • Creating effective hashtags
  • Building a community around the podcast topic.
  • Pulling quotes from the podcast & share them in the form of images
  • Nowadays influencer marketing is popular
  • Creating social media campaigns
  • Creating PPC
  • Social media ads (Facebook advertising Services and Instagram ads management)

Using Email List

Email is considered a powerful platform for promoting your podcast. Many businesses promote their podcast to their existing subscribers. One can also create a subscriber list for promoting your podcast episodes.

Using The Community

Nowadays, many podcasters are trying to reach higher in the competitive market. One can search and join the community of podcasters who belong to a similar background. 

Searching Monetization

Though this part is considered among the optional parts. Businesses that are using podcasts as another medium to reach, connect and attract a higher audience base can skip this stage. 

But if you are trying to become a full-time podcaster then these are the various ways through which you can make it. 

Affiliate marketing

In the arena of affiliate marketing, you get payment of a commission for every purchase that comes through the podcasts.  


One can connect with brands by paying you to advertise the business brand during the show.

Product Selling

E-Commerce digital marketing strategy is the game & We are the champions! Get the best returns from your online store.One can sell books, courses, merchandise, live event passes, and many others via drop-shipping services for earning money.

Premium Content

Premium quality of content serves as an important factor in podcasts. This is considered a straight transaction between you and your audience. For exclusive events like interviews, behind the scenes content and early viewing of new episodes, you can ask for money.  

Final Thought

As the leading digital marketing company, Blinkbee supports the potential benefits of podcasts in digital marketing. It is the leading digital marketing company that offers. However, beginning a podcast from scratch can be a difficult task but it is worth it. Blinkbee helps businesses, startups and enterprises to create their portfolio of podcasts for amplifying business growth and generating more ROI.




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