Digital marketing has become a complicated task in the modern world these days and is one of the ever evolving domains where even the experienced folks have to level up their skills from time to time. This is where certifications and digital marketing courses come in. It is also easy for people to gain skills from scratch using them, and they can have many benefits from just understanding how a business works to getting a better job in the industry. This is especially true since a four year degree is not seen as an absolute requirement for getting a job in the digital marketing industry.

However even though the importance of digital marketing to business cannot be understated, it can be difficult for people to pick the right certifications. This is why, in this article we will cover all there is to know about such certifications and hopefully that will help you a lot in your professional life.

Difference between a certificate & a certification

certificate vs certification

Some people confuse the terms “certification” with a certificate. The following points will explain to you what those mean.

What a digital marketing certification is

If you’ve got a “Certification”, it means that you've completed a set of lessons and passed an exam covering the topic. Certification courses often cover a wide range of topics in depth. In some cases, your certification may only be valid for a limited time. Keep in mind that certifications can be more expensive than certificates and are often designed by experts in the field. For example a course on youtube marketing is often designed by a youtube marketing firm. Certifications are deemed more trustworthy because they are more comprehensive, and you may have to pay a fee to take the exam.

What are certificates?

Certificates are acknowledgements that are issued at the conclusion of a course and usually cover a specific topic. They actually are an acknowledgement of the course participation rather than any form of merit associated with it. This isn't to say that they aren't valuable if they teach you something useful. They may look good on a resume if you are out job hunting.

What makes a certification legitimate

It is important to know whether a certification is genuine or not before diving into it. The following is a list of tips that will help you do just that.

Do industry professionals teach the certifications?

Employers need people with real-world experience and relevant practical expertise in this field. Any competent marketing school recognises this and recruits top-notch instructors with a track record in their field. You're wasting your time and money if the persons delivering the digital marketing courses don't have any experience with what they're teaching. You can tell if they do not have experience if you check with the reviews of the said course.

Will practical knowledge be provided?

You should consider how you'll be able to turn what you've learned into practical abilities that will help you build a successful digital marketing profession. If this is the case with the certification, it is one that should be pursued. If the practical knowledge that is included in the course is not sufficient or worse - is outdated, the certification is not really worth pursuing, no matter what the people teaching may say about the course.

Check if it Is widely accepted

Look for customer reviews on the company's website as well as third-party websites. Unfortunately, not all certifications are accepted equally, so compare certifications to ensure that you know what qualification you will receive at the end. This factor may be more difficult to determine, but some research can assist you in doing so.

Benefits of getting a digital marketing certification


There are many benefits of getting yourself a particular certification, whether that be a small course that’s based on SEO or one that covers entire digital marketing. Following is an outline of such benefits.

Upgrading your skills

As discussed, digital marketing is a domain which undergoes changes rapidly as internet giants evolve their search algorithms. There are also multiple areas within digital marketing that one needs to master - meaning it is unlikely that even a working professional knows everything there is to know about the field. Certifications help you upgrade important skills and help bridge the gap between what one knows currently and what one may need to know.

Making yourself more employable

According to the Washington Post, 40% of graduates now work in occupations that do not require a degree. Companies trust online certifications, therefore colleges are trying to issue certificates before graduation to ensure students have the abilities employers demand. A certification in the industry informs potential employers that you have the practical knowledge you need to thrive in a role if you want to get a job in digital marketing.

Getting prepped for promotions

Digital marketing necessitates a wide range of hard and soft talents. Adding one or two specialties to your focus will help you move up the corporate ladder rapidly. A content writer who understands PPC and elements of search engine optimization, for example, can easily advance to the position of content marketer or manager. By choosing to opt & really study the right certifications you can prepare for promotions in the modern business world.

Setting yourself apart from peers

The quantity of certificates you hold will set you apart from your competition in job interviews and promotions. However you should actually possess all the skills and not just the certificate for the business world to accept your demands. You should also be well adapted to company culture to stay at the position you are aiming for apart from having the certification.

Combining theoretical & practical knowledge

The intersection of study and practical expertise is what a digital marketing certification ideally earns a person, if they study it effectively. This is important, as companies these days do not want to spend their resources on training a new candidate, and certifications online are designed to implement the most important knowledge in a practical manner. 

You’ll be able to ask for higher wages

One of the top ten highest-paying careers that does not require a college degree is digital marketing. Every certification you add to your resume increases your potential to demand a better salary and provides you the assurance that you are deserving of it. With enough certifications under your belt, one can be considered a digital marketing expert. they can then ask for higher wages even at a current job.

One can set up their own business

You'll have the knowledge and know-how to start your own business if you have a recognised certification in digital marketing at the master's level. Freelancing as a digital marketer can become an option as a result of this. However, at this point, your certification must also demonstrate to investors and stakeholders that you understand what needs to be done to expand and market the business in order for them to make an investment with you.

Cost of a digital marketing certification

Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, and other programmes, there are examples of the numerous free certifications available online. Certifications that provide in-depth and practical experience, on the other hand, are extremely valuable if you're looking to invest in your career, even if they're expensive. When compared to the cost of a college education, their prices are generally low. Look for a certification that will teach you skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply to a digital marketing role and that will demonstrate your value to a potential employer.


As you can see, digital marketing certifications can be a lot of work but can be very helpful if you want to build a digital marketing career. This is why people who want to start up with digital marketing or even those who want to get promotions in their career need to go through with them. While there are many such certifications on the internet, you should go for the ones that are created by large & trusted firms that already are deep into digital marketing. It is recommended that you check the quality of a certification through whatever means possible before taking it. Nextbrain is a top digital marketing agency that has years of experience in the field serving many kinds of industries.




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