When the festive season is right around the corner it offers a premium opportunity for ecommerce retailers throughout distinct sectors for increasing brand awareness and amplifying the bottom line. Considered the golden opportunity around the corner, the main seasonal shopping corner starts with Black Friday and continues till post-Christmas sales. Nowadays, in the hyper-connected digital age having an increased number of platforms and consumer touchpoints, it is providing ecommerce businesses with more opportunities to connect with new customers as well as sell their products or services to a section of an engaged audience.                           

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic in 2020, ecommerce sales are expected to slow down. However, the scenario is quite the opposite. Ecommerce sales started to boom and reach their summit owing to the pandemic. Retailers have evinced a recent surge of online necessity purchasing since the beginning of the pandemic. Significantly, they have also seen a surge in seasonal ecommerce sales. As per the latest reports, it is found that professionals project a 1.5% growth in sales of global ecommerce since 2020. In this blog, we will explore the distinct seasonal online shopping trends in detail, providing effective insights into ecommerce digital marketing solutions. Additionally, this context will assist in offering future digital marketing campaign insights.             

We have elaborated the seasonal ecommerce trends across different sectors below. 

The Broad Spectrum of Seasonal Shopping Scope

Right from the Black Friday sale to the post-Christmas sales, there had been an incessant scope for reaching out as well as connecting with your audience. It promotes your products, USPs, and services to a potentially engaged audience. The evolution of ecommerce has made the online ecommerce retail shopping experience more relevant, value-based, tailored as well as more widely accessible than ever. Thereby, it can be stated that there are profits that are amplifying opportunities that expand beyond Black Friday, Christmas Day, and many more.                                           

Tips To Embellish Campaign Strategy

In order to maximize the online sales during the golden hour, it is relevant to develop content, deals and discounts that emphasize different occasions or during the holiday season. Digital marketers can create highly engaging, valuable content and create product pages that are targeted at celebrating the annual events. It will encourage customer engagement, increase sale conversions, enhance online sales and boost brand authority.            


eCommerce Wish list

Several consumers work with wishlists for helping with seasonal shopping efforts. Among the various, digitally native demographic, textiles, clothes, and footwear are the most renowned wish list products that are nearly followed by computer-related electronic products and many more. 

According to the latest studies, it has been found that more than 45% of consumers are enriched with the experience of online shopping as a brand offers a wishlist. More than 65% of smartphone users state that they are more likely to buy products from brands whose websites or apps offer personal recommendations.    

Important Tips For Improved Marketing Techniques

It has been noted that for older buyers, there is a disconnection and general scepticism of techs that offer a barrier to online shopping. On the other hand, the digital natives are familiar with online consumer touchpoints that are more willing to create wish lists and buy through ecommerce sales.   

In the case of digital natives, the way of delivering a personalized landing page content or a mobile app that enables them to curate as well as send a wishlist of their favourite products. Besides being an effective way of driving engagement, it also serves to efficiently boost your profits throughout the seasonal shopping period.              

With print communications, sending discounts and offers is considered an excellent way to connect with shoppers of a riper demographic. This will drive them online in a simple and informational way assisting to broaden the online customer base. The way of providing a gift card to the customer is the safest option to reduce the decision-making process involved for the customer and make the process simpler.                  

Deals & Discounts

Ecommerce Deals and discounts

As per the latest studies, it has been revealed that in US and Europe, the weeks following Christmas day bring the best opportunities for ecommerce retailers. The festive shoppers can take benefit from more than 80% off seasonal deals and discounts. In fact, the latest data suggest that more than 95% of mobile searches were surrounded by ‘best deals’ during last year's Cyber week sale. Most consumers are swayed by the deals, offers and discounts.                 

Tips For Influential Deals and Discounts

With a view to appealing to eager online shoppers, especially those who have the knack to complete shopping prior to Christmas, it is wise to offer tailored deals as well as discounts with the help of mail and social media. As the best Facebook advertising agency, our social media marketers always recommend giving customers access to free subsequent-day shipping in the week of Christmas and also give concessions on last-minute offers. This will, in turn, assist you in maximizing your online sales.   

One can also provide targeted deals and discounts to shoppers depending on their requirements and priorities. This, in turn, encourages more people to sign up for loyalty programs, thereby significantly increasing the customer retention rate in the process.                        

The Heavy Shift from Offline To Online Shopping

Over the last few years, seasonal ecommerce shopping has risen massively. Depending on existing consumer expenses and professional industry projections, the level of growth displays no such signs of diminishing. As per the reports gathered in 2020, it has been found that shoppers were afraid to visit brick and mortar stores owing to the spread of the virus. As online shopping started since the pandemic, consumers continue to shop online owing to its convenience, reliability and safety.                

Important Considerations For Gaining More Online Sales

Online Sales

In this context, we have delineated some tips that can be adopted for optimizing success in gaining seasonal online sales. Let's take a look at the different considerations below.      


When it comes to the festive season, online consumers always try to seek a flawless user experience (UX). Even if it takes two seconds to load a page, it could prove highly detrimental to your seasonal sales. This happens because most consumers remain in a hurry and navigate away from a slow website/landing page to a competitor's website. As a part of the ecommerce marketing solutions, your website should have high performance offering an amazing shopping experience to consumers.           

Therefore, it is important to check the functionality, usability, as well as performance of all the main touchpoints for ensuring that you offer the best shopping experience for your target audience. As most shoppers navigate through smartphones it is important to optimize content, websites and landing pages for mobile.     

Protection And Privacy

With a view to building trust and ensuring ecommerce success, it is important to protect every data of your consumers. This will not only build trust but also create a sense of reliability among consumers. Consumers are always on their way to expect an increasing level of value from brands and businesses. Real-time offers are effective means of maximizing your online sales. Most shoppers understand the value of the attention of brands towards customers, personalized communication, personalized offers, and seamless ecommerce experience. 

As you invest in resources and ample time in offering tailored and time-sensitive offers during the Christmas period. One can stand to earn a relevant edge over your competitors.   

Priority Given To Emotions

In this digital world, if you do not give priority to the emotions of shoppers then you are missing some potential customers. It can act as a strong emotional force. It has been estimated that more than 85% of people are more likely to purchase from a brand that they feel emotionally connected to. With email marketing, messaging, ecommerce market saturation and creating campaigns, one can conjure emotions and hit the right note to win the consumer.     

Final Considerations

With the rising digital ecosystem, the digital landscape proves its relevance and the seasonal online sales begin to rise. This resulted in increasing prospects of profit-boosting potential for ecommerce brands that are looking to grow, expand and evolve with the industry verticals. Searching for the top digital marketing partner to boost your sales? Blinkbee is the best digital marketing company in India offering powerful ecommerce marketing solutions and creating effective marketing campaigns to enhance your business opportunities. The company comprises experienced digital marketing professionals who have many years of knowledge in curating the best solution for your business.




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