A growing business is not everyone’s cup of tea and it needs a solid plan to devise SEO advertising. With the right strategy and right tools, you can easily grow your business to another level. SEO is the search engine optimization technique that helps to grow your business faster. Advertising and SEO are the two relevant pillars of marketing strategy that always dominate the search engine rankings. An online marketing strategy leverages and plays an important role both in leads and enhancing brand awareness. In this blog, we have elaborated on the different ways of using SEO advertising for growing your business. Additionally, one can get critical insights into search engine optimization advertising techniques. Google acquires more than 70% of all web traffic. Therefore, in order to dominate the search engine, you can excel in the two promotional methods such as SEO as well as PPC advertising.   

Why Choose SEO Advertising For Growing Business?

More than 50% of business website traffic comes through searches. SEO advertising is all about organic search and regular search listing. Organic clicks are the organic search results. Many businesses are gaining relevance by spending millions of dollars to claim the top spots with the help of SEO. Search engine optimization is important for the long-term success of your business website. However, many small businesses do not spend much money.      

In this scenario, SEO advertising plays a relevant role in getting you to the top of searches and mainly focuses on earning your business a top spot on Google. It is a kind of dual strategy that you will require for your business to grow and succeed in the long term. However, you need to have a proper budget and target towards reaching the right audience with the right message quickly.             

Introduction to SEO And PPC Advertising


SEO advertising is completely free to implement and the traffic received through this is acquired by creating relevant and valuable content surrounding a specific keyword. The ranking on SEO needs important trust from backlinks that mentions on the web and also helps to increase page load speed. The different SEO results show up on Google SERPs. However, in the case of SEO advertising targeting is restricted to the search query as well as the intent behind the search. 

On the contrary, PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is paid promotion on popular search engines. The PPC traffic is gained by paying for specific keywords that are significant for your business. PPC is based on distinct factors such as quality scores, landing page and ad significance. The various PPC results show up on SERPs, Google-owned websites and different partnered websites. One of the most popular benefits of PPC includes granular targeting which enables you to combine the right demographic keywords with search query intent. 

SEO Advertising To Amplify Your Business Prospects

SEO Advertising

When it is time to get started with SEO, you need to perform complete research on both SEO and PPC. By utilizing proper skills and tools, one can create effective SEO advertising campaigns. Prior to beginning the SEO advertising campaigns, one needs to understand the distinct steps and strategies involved.  

Conduct Proper Researching 

From the very outset, you need to have a clear understanding of the different platforms that can help your business grow. Additionally, one needs to learn the competitor’s landscape and how they are in the industry. 

Creating Proper Assets

With a view to getting started with SEO advertising, you will require assets that comprise ad copy, a responsively designed website, landing page copy, research and automation tools, website content such as blogs, videos, and infographics, and many analytical tools.    

Popular Search Engines

People of different categories, ages, gender, demography and places tend to mostly use either Google or Bing for searching what they are looking for. Though Bing is a lesser-used search engine, it is partially used in Canada and UK. As per the latest statistics, it has been seen that for any retail online business Google has turned out to be beneficial if they utilize Google ads. Paid search rather than organic search is becoming the latest trend in recent year. Most Mac users are more likely to use Google for searching their desirables. 

From The Competitor’s Corner

It is important to keep track of the competitors about the strategies they are adopting, keywords that are focusing and many more. Some of the common tools used by SEO professionals involve Ahrefs, SEMrush, workstream, and Spyfu. These are the tools that enable easy downloading of keywords that the competitors are targeting. This is the proper way to do SEO Keyword Research and then begin optimizing your advertising. If you are not having such tools, then you can simply analyze their website using a keyword density tool. SEO advertising can be best implemented by analyzing competitors.

Forecasting Costs And Clicks

One can use the Adwords plan overview for estimating the number of clicks that you earn for a campaign. The estimations of the budget depend upon the way you have designed your ads. 

Building Assets

As you are prepared to grow your business, SEO advertising is the main solution. For creating ads, it is crucial to create valuable content assets that will help to ease out the process. The content asset can be built around the SEO advertising using some steps below:  

  • Searching
  • View the various search results
  • Hone in on the ad 
  • As users see and click arriving at the website
  • The website presents the feature of desired product or service
  • As the user completes the action, your business gets a new customer

 Creating Clickable Ads

clickable ads

A clickable ad can help you create a powerful ad strategy. The ad should be reflective of the main desire and intention of the user so that they get fascinated and click on it. On an emotional note, you must strike at the right place with the right intention. In order to create a proper clickable ad, you need to state your value proposition. 

Ad Groups

As you construct your ad surrounding target audiences, then you can talk directly to users. If your business has four target audiences, then the ad works better. The ad group will help you get the right message in front of the right target audience.  

You will require a landing page that can communicate directly with the audience after they click on the ad. In this way, you can keep your audience engaged with the entire SEO journey.

Designing Landing Pages

One of the most successful pay per click campaigns in SEO advertising is having strong performing landing pages. In this context, we will take a look at the top components of landing pages.

Aligning with Ad 

Every landing page remains aligned with the ad that easily references the offer. 

Creating USP

With a supporting and powerful headline combined with a statement reinforcing the unique selling proposition and closing statement, the value of the landing pages increases. This, in turn, helps in creating a USP.

Social Proof 

Social proof has the capability of building instant trust and selecting the best social platform that suits your audience. One can include site authority, reviews and social media following. 

Creating Valuable Website Content

SEO Your Website by creating compelling and relevant content. One can take the research and consider the potential audience. One can begin building content surrounding topics that your customers love. 

Important Tips For Creating Relevant Content 

Creating business-specific content for targeted audiences by balancing customer experience with organic techniques. 

Preferring quality over quantity when it comes to content

Valuable content’s value enhances as it channels through a distribution process. With an increase in organic rankings, it creates a link attracting traffic to itself. By sharing content on social media, your content gets distributed.

Researching Platforms 

The various strategies of SEO advertising are performed on Google or other search engines. The important social media sites that will work for your business are the places where you can invest and think of ROI. This makes it easier for you to remain strategic and give you the flair of advertising on their website with the same pay per click model. 

Social media is a great platform that enables digital marketers to share blog posts and other valuable content relating to their business. It is an open platform for social media marketing. Social platforms like Facebook can be potentially used for Facebook marketing and ads. As the leading Facebook advertising agency, we focus on distinct aspects of social media advertising comprising Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and many more. 

Leverage Your Business With SEO Advertising: Conclusion

SEO advertising and PPC ads on search engines are effective and efficient for leveraging the business. Just as researching is vital to SEO, researching the latest market trend regarding that business is also necessary. With the right plan and right tools, it becomes easier for adopting effective SEO ad strategies. Are you looking for SEO advertising services? Blinkbee is the leading digital marketing company that offers high-end digital marketing solutions including SEO services, Google ads, PPC services, and many more. We have highly skilled professionals having many years of knowledge in offering a world-class solutions to clients.




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