Digital Reputation involves building a good brand and that takes both resources and time. There is also a potential to make mistakes during the process but if you do it right, the payoff is usually huge. There is a lot of stuff that goes into brand reputation, and one of them is social media. In this article we will help you understand how you can use social media to improve your brand. 

How to improve your brand through social media? 

As you can see we are going to take a deep dive into improving your brand awareness through social media marketing. Following are some of the things that you can do to improve your business through social media.

reputation management

Be a networker

Networking still remains a thing that you need to do regularly. although networking events have still not become a thing of the past. There are a lot of ways to network through social media and hence it is important to use all of a platform’s features effectively.

Take control of your profiles

It is a good idea to take control of all social media profiles that are generated based of your business. This also prevents someone outside from your business hijacking your profile. It is also a good idea to search any social media profiles that may have been generated to check if any of them are not under your control.

Choose your platforms

After taking control of all the generated social media profiles, you should choose the social media platforms that are most useful for you. This choice will depend on your business profile and the trends on the selected social media platforms. 

Stay active on social media

This is one of the most important things regarding your brand growth. Social media platforms only promote those companies and people who regularly respond to their customers, so it is important for organic growth. Occasionally there will be some negative comments on your profile, but you should respond to them in a positive way. 

Put out powerful content 

Content is king in digital marketing and you should try to put out content that resonates with your audience. Thus doesn't mean you shouldn't post anything new, on the contrary you should be as honest as you can be with this approach. A well rounded marketing strategy also involves regular updates on your site. 

Keep it relevant 

Whatever you do on social media must be relevant to your business. Whether that be sponsorship or posting a blog. This is because everything you do will get noticed by the platform and the people using it. Try to include as many relevant keywords and hashtags on your posts so that it becomes popular.

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Have diversity

People are bored with repetition and you will lose your customers if you don't keep your posts diverse. You should also post content outside your website and it must be more than just blogs. The wider an audience you reach, the more your content will be shared and read, which will only work in your favor. The type of content should include images and video content, and some companies also post their blogs in a listenable format to those that prefer to listen to them as a podcast.

Don't post and forget 

Many businesses do the mistake of posting content once and forgetting it. This can do immense harm to your business. You should respond to all the comments on your blog posts, and you should update blogs with any content that might be inaccurate because of any reason whatsoever. Responding to comments and changing your blogs to include more accurate resources means you will get less negativity from your customers.

Maintain quality

You should try to maintain the quality you already have in your posts and if possible, try to increase it in some manner. People will gloss over anything that they deem as low quality as there is enough competition on social media.

Tips for combating bad reputation 

Here are some tips that you can use to combat any bad reputation that you might encounter while you are involved in social media and content marketing.

Bad reputation

  • Respond fast

Most often the negativity stems from user comments on your posts. They will become less negative if you develop a habit of responding to them immediately. If you however are slow to respond, people can get the wrong impression of your business. This often happens to businesses that are large, but smaller businesses are not immune to this phenomenon.

  • Avoid aggressive behavior 

When responding to negativity in social media it is important that you avoid aggressive behavior. If you engage in negative behavior, it will just increase toxicity in your social media profile and that is detrimental to your brand. 

  • Social media monitoring

Monitoring your social media profiles with the help of apps is the best way to combat negativity on your platform. This way you will get alerts of every comment and can immediately deal with any negative issues raised. 

Benefits of social media marketing 

The skillset of online reputation management comes with many benefits. These are some of the many benefits associated with it. However, you will have to consistently put out quality marketing efforts to keep getting these benefits.

You get to tell your story the way you want 

The customers and your competitors will use the internet to tell their side of the story, but with your social media presence you can tell your side of the story in an honest manner. You can thus have more authority over people's opinions in this way

It increases trust

Trust in your brand is something that you can increase by building a good relationship with your customers online. You should focus on being unique, interesting and someone who is constantly providing value on social media. 

It reinforces your brand 

If you include the right keywords and hashtags and follow all the things you need to follow, your website and business will automatically rank higher in search results. This will reinforce your brand and will lead to increased customers that then end up sharing more posts about your business. 

It leads to increase in revenue 

Social media marketing will increase the number of customers you get to your business, and thus more people will buy from you. This will increase your sales provided you deal with all the new customers appropriately. 

Tips to maintain and safeguard your digital reputation 

  • Google your company 

At least once a month, Google your company and brand name. Examine your ranking on the results page. Consider your customer's perspective: what would they think if they saw this page of results? If you're dissatisfied with what you're seeing, it's time to develop additional material that will rank higher on Google. Blog entries, videos, and SEO-friendly social media profiles are all good options.

  • Set up alerts

If you set up appropriate alerts, Google will tell you if your company name is being used or if any activity related to your firm is taking place that you don’t know of. Set up an alert that will notify you if your brand appears in an unexpected location, so that you can deal with such things immediately. You can then proceed to clear any misunderstandings if it was an accident or can even take down your company name from such events if it was someone who was trolling.

  • Think before posting 

When posting on social media, keep your online reputation in mind. Do not post anything that contradicts your company's message. Avoid making negative remarks about a competition or a former client on social media. The less mistakes you make, the less things you need to clean up afterwards. The internet has the habit of glorifying negativity, so prevention really is better than cure here.

How to be future ready

When it comes to building a digital reputation, there will always be obstacles.This is why you should try to create a digital marketing strategy that includes crisis management solutions in the event of an issue. If you have a strategy in place with solutions in case something goes wrong, you won't panic. The crisis management solution depends on the strategy that is on the table.


As you can see, social media can play a vital role in increasing your business reputation. Apart from increasing your reach, it also allows you to analyze your audience needs which you can then use to create a good business strategy around. However if you really want to succeed you should partner with a good digital marketing firm. Blinkbee is one such digital marketing company that has years of experience in working with social media. It also has a good knowledge of which content works where. We have clients around the world and you just need to approach us with a detailed set of requirements to get us on board with your brand management.




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