When it comes to social media, the Meta group and its products are still the ones that have the highest number of end users. However, Despite being the third most popular social media platform with 800 million monthly users, Instagram is still a long way from Facebook, the current leader with 2 billion monthly users. But this doesn't mean one shouldn't invest in Instagram marketing, as the process of marketing involves the pursuit of quality just as much as the pursuit of quantity. In fact, Instagram is quickly becoming the go to app for marketing for many businesses and the intricacies of that will be discussed in this blog.

Especially for visual industries like fashion, cosmetics, or even architecture, marketing budgets for internet firms aiming at younger audiences that are less than 30 years old can be better spent on Instagram. This is because as any facebook ads agency will tell you, Instagram's algorithm works better than Facebook's in such instances. We will also explain the differences between the algorithms of the two channels in this blog. There will also be a section on how to switch focus between the two social media platforms when you are marketing a service or a product in case you need it.

Differences in algorithms of the two platforms

Instagram vs facebook platform

The actual computer code that decides which posts are shown by which individuals and in what sequence is referred to as the algorithm for a social media feed. Social media platforms employ algorithms to provide users with a more satisfying experience, allowing them to see more of the posts they truly enjoy and fewer of the irrelevant ones that don't suit their tastes.

Since this isn't a precise science, each social media platform must make some educated guesses when choosing the best criteria for how to arrange their feeds. That is where the distinction between Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing lies. Companies that provide Facebook marketing services try to tap into these algorithms for their purposes. Now we’ll see the differences between how the algorithms in one platform over the other as we are talking about instagram and facebook

Instagram's algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm takes these factors into account when deciding what to show the end users.


how many comments and hearts each post has received.


Do the user's interests match the post's genres?


Higher rankings are given to posts from accounts that the user engages with more frequently.


Rank is based on most recent posts.

profile checks

Posts from accounts that users frequently search for are given a better ranking.

Direct shares through messaging.

The user who shared the post receives a rank boost on their own posts, and posts from accounts they directly share with others are ranked higher.

invested time on the post.

the time actually spent reading a post (not scrolling).

Facebook's algorithm

Facebook algorithm

As any company that provides Facebook ad management services will tell you, Facebook feeds of end users are decided by the following factors.

family and close friends.

The user gets more posts from people they know more. This is significant since it suggests brand-related posts are getting less attention.


how many shares, likes, and comments are made on the content.

promoting participation

The ranking of posts depends on how likely the end users are to initiate a dialogue.

Visual content is promoted

images receive a higher ranking than posts with merely text.

Bait posts

Posts are rated lower if they overtly solicit comments, votes, likes, shares, or tags.

Promotions are downgraded.

Posts attempting to persuade readers to subscribe to a newsletter, purchase a service, or enter a contest are downgraded. Facebook additionally demotes unauthorized ads by comparing text to known adverts.

In conclusion, Instagram is more effective for direct marketing since it allows for client interaction, awareness raising, the promotion of new goods and services, comparison shopping, and influencer marketing. Additionally, Instagram is a major player for people under 30, particularly youth. Typically, A facebook marketing company will also have enough experience in instagram marketing.

However, as long as you're utilizing sponsored adverts, Facebook continues to be the greatest platform for reaching older age groups. Additionally, Facebook makes it simpler to direct people to external websites like online stores. Links cannot be shared in posts or comments on Instagram, and any external links only appear in your bio, making it more difficult to drive traffic to your website.

Tips to switch focus using Instagram


If you are struggling with facebook and instagram marketing and need to switch to instagram, here are some tips.

Don’t give up facebook for instagram

Even though Instagram is superior when it comes to developing a brand's reputation and connections with customers, its better to not fully give up on Facebook. This is because Facebook’s reach and emphasis on sharing make it remain important for advertisers. Facebook's paid advertising is more successful than Instagram's, making it a perfect location to share curated content and brand news.

Keep up with visuals, especially on instagram

On both platforms, images perform better than words, but on Instagram, they are absolutely essential. With Instagram, it has to look beautiful to perform great. Facebook may be more tolerant of text-based posts like blog articles or novella-length status updates.

Use lots of hashtags.

On Instagram, you can't directly target particular user categories, but hashtags are a close second. To ensure that the proper people see your post, list all the pertinent hashtags. The description can contain up to 30 hashtags, but you can always add more in a comment on your own post.

Be original

On Facebook, uploading or sharing other people's works is totally okay, but with Instagram, originality is just taken for granted. Investing in quality, unique content is better than sharing other people's work on Instagram (unless it's a photo you shot of someone else's work).

Create contests

Take advantage of the engagement boosts that contests always provide with an Instagram photo contest. Free advertising can be obtained by having users feature your company in their images, but don't forget to develop a unique hashtag for the campaign.

Update your bio

Your Instagram bio and description are important since they are the only locations where you can talk about yourself. You should also include your most pertinent hashtags, a tagline, and a one-sentence elevator pitch in addition to the URL of your website.


As you can see there are quite a lot of differences between Facebook and Instagram marketing and one needs to adapt to them if they are to market a product or a service effectively. However, marketing something efficiently is also important in today's world because of market saturation and competition. This is why one needs to contact a digital marketing agency like Blinkbee if they want to impress the most people. Blinkbee has years of experience in SEO, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing and more.




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