A perfect marketing plan will certainly improve your brand awareness and create a pipeline of more qualified leads that in turn enhance your sales. Usually, small businesses find it challenging to promote their business due to a lack of resources and visibility. But, there are many strategies that can assist you to improve your marketing efforts. Even if you have started a new business it is more important to have a strong online presence to increase your brand visibility. Also, customers get to know small businesses online when compared to anything else. Small businesses always look for an efficient way for tracking brand awareness and ROI. Digital marketing is essential not only to promote your products or services but also to optimize your business online and obtain overall success.

How to create a proper marketing plan for your small business?

Every business owner always looks for effective ways to expand the business. Improving your sales and acquiring new customers is crucial to gaining more profits. Let’s check out how to create a scalable and perfect marketing plan for your small business.

Perform thorough market research 

Marketing research

Many startups do market research while launching their brand to find the scope of their business. But only a few companies continue this process perfectly once their business is started. Ultimate market research will act as the basis for making well-informed decisions about the marketing strategy, operations, plans, as well as potential customers.

When you get all the information about the customers and other organizations in a systematic way, it is easy to understand that particular customer and their needs with a quick analysis. Ongoing research will keep you updated about the advanced legislative trends, constantly changing customer preferences, industry shifts, and more. This finally provides a scalable operation as you will combine the efforts as well as resources whenever there is a focus required to be available in that scenario.

In-depth market research will assist businesses to implement more effectively and promote more efficiently through two kinds of data.

  • Primary: This is the basic information that you need to gather yourself. Primary data may also be gathered with the assistance of a top digital marketing company.
  • Secondary: You will find secondary information through pre-existing data. For instance, to keep a tab on appropriate information shared in industry or government reports.

Allocate marketing budget

Marketing Budget

Before allocating the marketing budget, it is important to figure out the whole finances that are available to spend. This is a crucial component to determine the capacity of your marketing budget. Creating a perfect budget is the basic component of the research to create a unique marketing strategy. A marketing plan for small businesses is very important to acquire new customers and improve conversions.

Marketing often needs 7-10% of the total income of a company. If you have started a new business or looking to focus more on business expansion, you need to invest a better amount of up to 20%. This data will be obtained from various methods like one-on-one interviews, email questionnaires, in-app micro surveys, customer success teams, and various other methods.

Carve the user persona

As you may never completely realize what the consumers exactly needed, these personas assist you in understanding them much better by creating your research information and passing on that data reliably.

One more advantage of having a buyer persona is that it is easy to communicate similar insights to employees, partners, and almost all the others who have been involved in this process. Let’s find out how it makes it possible to have scalable marketing for small businesses.

  • Small business has mostly outsourcing tasks like content marketing, web development, and online reputation management. Hence external partners require the necessary data to bring forward a customer-centric and goal-oriented asset.
  • The manner you gather data from potential customers entirely differs from the large companies as the resources will be limited.
  • The relationship of the company with the customers will be more intricate and intimate than big corporations.

Identify user journey touchpoints

When you have noticed your user’s traits and needs through buyer persona and market research, then it will be easy to trace their journey with the small business. When you want to identify their journey, look out for necessary consumer touchpoints. These will be your brand’s chances to obtain customer contact details from the initial stage to the finish stage of the journey.

Suppose, if you are a bit worried about any of the missing touchpoints, try to think from the customer’s perspective while strategizing. A unique and omnichannel strategy certainly assists in recognizing more effective ways for potential customers in experiencing your brand. Small businesses having efficient omnichannel presence are capable of impacting major touchpoints that result in 10% growth, a 10% increase in the order value, as well as a 25% rise in close rates.

Optimize the content marketing funnel

Marketing Funnel

A content marketing funnel is a process that helps in converting more leads into potential consumers who purchase your services or products by assisting them through a step-by-step process of content flow. 

When you look at the top of a funnel where there are more individuals who learn about your services or products. All these individuals are potential customers or leads. Many usually drop off when they go through the funnel towards the neck. At last, only a certain percentage of leads enter into the funnel’s bottom and finally become your customers.

A scalable and robust content marketing funnel is not just about making a few purchases. An effective funnel will take your best clients to refill the funnel’s top. It is a continuous process that generates trust and confidence over time, rather than in a spontaneous manner.

Build repeatable marketing workflows

Your business becomes more profitable and will be able to uncover new dimensions for diversification and expansion. This may lead to meeting higher demand with a few resources. Efficiencies also will not arise on their own. Your team needs to build them using great techniques and the latest technologies. When implemented perfectly, you need to offer marketing workflows that can be repeatable to support the nurturing, acquisition, sales, and qualification.

  • Obtaining Leads: Manage the outbound and inbound marketing tasks using a single platform for attracting and acquiring new leads. Marketing automation assists you to enhance SEO for attracting high-quality visitors, creating and optimizing conversions and landing pages, and managing all of the social media efforts.
  • Nurturing leads: You may clearly identify each customer’s location in the buying journey and easily segment them into appropriate campaigns by sending personalized messages. You may track the involvement of your customers and easily modify your strategy as required.
  • Sales enablement and Lead qualification: Marketers may utilize a better scoring system for automating the lead qualification operation, enhancing existing nurturing, and offering your sales team clear and transparent information for contract-specific journeys.


One of the important benefits of having a marketing plan for your small business is that you can enhance your brand visibility and improve your business growth. Many startups and small businesses are now focusing on proper marketing strategies to improve their sales. Blinkbee is the leading digital marketing company specializing in providing scalable and unique marketing solutions to improve your leads and sales. Connect with our marketing experts to get a customized marketing plan for your business!




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