Google search campaign is one of the popular online advertising forms that have the potential to display advertisements in the search listings of a Google Search. The display network is a completely different platform and if you have copied your Search Network campaign settings over to the Display, you will miss out on the potential clicks as well as customers. The ways of setting up a Google Search Net can become easy if you have expert knowledge about the process. In this blog, we will take you to a complete guide on the distinct ways of setting up a Google Search Network Campaign.     

What is a Google Search network Campaign?

Search network campaign

When you are searching for something in Google, there are times when you have come across advertisers who are running Google Search Campaigns. It enables the effective display of advertisements in Google search results. Based on the performance of your ad optimization, you are capable of influencing how high your ad shows in the search network listings. 

Setting Up The Groundwork For Google Search network Campaign

For running any ad campaign you need to perform some groundwork and develop a firm plan for your ad group. The campaign costs a certain amount of money and you need to be precise with your plan to utilize it wisely. If you do not have proper plans then there are chances that the running ads will not generate an ROI in the process. Similarly, this can lead to a lowering of the conversion rate.  

Selecting The Right Keywords To Target

In a search campaign, keywords play a crucial role rather than the image text data. It is an important strategy for running a search campaign. The selected keywords have an influence on the cost of a campaign. The successful performance of a campaign depends upon the ability to recognize the keyword that is having the ‘buyers intent’.  

The potential buyers look for services or products in Google by typing relevant keywords and key phrases in the search bar. Potential keywords having generous search volume are going to show in the top search lists. Therefore, you need to be aware of the potential keywords that are going to rank. Google keyword planner tool helps to analyse the keywords that cost the most per click and it can help you stand out from the competition. The popular strategy that helps to earn better ROI is working on high-value keywords that signal buyer intent that have the ability to convert more rather than keywords that do not represent any buyer intent. 

Targeting Users by Device And Location

Target Users

If you are going for targeting users in terms of device and location, then there are certain strategies that you need to follow to do it effectively. Device and location optimization requires the effective expertise of marketers to accomplish the process. If you want to target people on specific devices such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, then you can do it by focussing on ‘advanced mobile and tablet devices’ options. Then you can optimize as per specific operating systems, devices and internet service providers. In the space where you want to create ads, select the ads to be displayed and their languages. 

From the perspective of location, if you are willing to serve in other locations, you can proceed to location optimization. Significantly, you can add a country or a state as per your choice and area of service.

Ensure That The Landing Page Abides By Google Guidelines 


As you have identified some high-value keywords, you should take a look at the web page that you are trying to bring traffic to for decent optimization. If you are sending traffic to a landing page, then it is relevant to make your landing page compliant with the Google guidelines. 

During the last year, Google has disabled more than 780 million Google ads owing to policy violations.     

Setting Up The Google Search Network Campaign

One of the first steps to logging into Google ads is by clicking on the ‘campaign’ option. After that, you need to click on the ‘new campaign’ option and then on the ‘display network only”. Subsequently, you need to set an objective for Google Search Network Ad. 

It's time to choose your goal and offer different options involving leads, sales, brand awareness and traffic. After selecting the campaign goal, you can proceed to choose the campaign type. 

Naming Your Campaign  

It is important to give your campaign a name that is easy to describe and remember. One can select the “Display Network” that will make it easy to display your ad on partner websites throughout the internet. Displaying the network will enable you to check the quality of traffic. Clicks are generated from searches that occur directly on Google. 

Setting Location And Language

As you enter this space, you are capable of selecting the ‘location’ for your Google ad. You can choose whatever is important to your requirements. Based on countries and territories you can also select the language based on it. If you are trying to advertise your service or products in a foreign country then you can choose ‘English’ as the popular language. 

Selecting The Audience Base

One is capable of choosing the audience base to which you want to show your ads. This is completely based on interests.   

Setting Up The Campaign Budget   

After ensuring the audience and location and others, we ensure to adjust your bidding and budget. Are you an amateur in Google ads? Then you can select the option ‘maximize conversions. One can experiment with ‘Ad extensions’ for search campaigns.   

Creating Ad group

The above-mentioned steps lead to the final process of creating an ad group. Creating an ad group may require some steps. Under the ad group, one can obtain keyword suggestions and also type the URL of the landing page. By using the display network strategy one can type in keywords that match the ‘Match Types’.  

Importance of Match Types 

Match types have the potential to influence the ‘kind of keywords’ that trigger your entire ad group. As you choose ‘Exact match’, your ad will show up only when the exact keyword and phrase you have given is entered into Google Search. On the other hand, if you choose ‘broad match’, then your Google ad will display a wide range of keyword variations that are typed in Google Search. 

An exact match is considered the best option for people who have just begun with Adwords for obtaining search network traffic. 

Creating The Google Search Network Ad

google Search network ad

If you are not a pro in this profession, then it is a wise option to take Google ads management services for creating an effective Google search network ad. The professional expert will begin by adding the URL where you want to run your ad and then select ‘view ideas’ to obtain suggestions. You can get many suggestions on the ways of creating great ad headlines. Are you bidding for a specific keyword? Then you need to ensure that your Google ad copy comprises the keyword. This will make your ad more important and the matching will work well. In this way, the conversions can be improved by 38%.

Image Ads

For an image ad, here you can get the option of uploading an image by clicking on the “upload an ad” and proceeding to upload the file. However, a text ad can be something different. A text ad can be created with a proper effective headline, description, second line and the display URL. The time your ad is created, you can view a little preview and you can neither create another ad and click done for creating the ad. Subsequently, it will take you to settings for the ad group. For creating more ads, you can click on the ads tab, scroll down and select ‘new ad’.      

For creating a display ad within Adwords without an image, you can select the desired template and add the details that you have placed in the text ad. The main content of the Google ad is the headline, two descriptive lines, a display URL, and a destination URL. 

Display Network Options

Within the display network environment, you can choose the ‘placements’ option. Here you can view the different websites, videos and apps included in the Adwords database. As you advertise in a display network, the ads are going to appear on different websites. However, there are websites that are not meant for your business and you can check them out prior to advertising.    

There is a range of fascinating ads running on Google and you can have the option to keep an eye on the appealing ads. It will give you an idea of the different types of Google das. These ads serve as an inspiration when you are running your ad campaigns. Adopting effective digital marketing tools for creating powerful Google ads gives a good opportunity to the digital marketer for running ads that have the potential of earning more ROI. Blinkbee has a pool of talented professionals who have many years of experience in offering effective Google ad management services, PPC Services, SEO services, and many other online marketing services. 

Final Conclusion

Are you a newbie to Google ads management services? Have you never been to a Google search network campaign? Then you can seek the assistance of professionals who have many years of experience in creating top Google ad solutions. Blinkbee is the leading digital marketing agency in India that offers complete solutions relating to internet marketing such as social media marketing, Facebook marketing, Google ads management, SEO services, PPC services and many more. The digital marketing professionals have several years of expertise in helping businesses grow and amplify their business prospects.




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