Anyone who has ever tried to generate Business to business (B2B) sales using social media, knows how difficult it is. A business or a sales executive must negotiate with a minefield of savvy purchasers. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also many competitors. The marketing technique to get the appropriate number of leads is also closely related to the industry you work in. This is why social media becomes an important factor for covering the extra ground for potential leads, especially true for B2B lead generation.

Why use social media marketing to generate leads?

Generate leads

Besides the obvious reasons, it is important to explore how social media can help businesses generate more customers. Social media offers special tools for especially business interests identified by the type of page they create on them. Here’s some detail of how B2B lead generation services can help your business.

Gathering intelligence 

The ultimate aim of a B2B social media lead generation strategy is to create and nurture a quantitative set of prospects who can then be converted into customers. However, to do that, you should gather enough information about these prospects. Social media is excellent in this regard. Another business that is an interesting customer can be investigated for its requirements pretty quickly if you know what to look for.

Accurate targeting

Social media can be used to target specific businesses as easily as you can target a demographic of individual customers. In fact, 84% of C-level executives consider social media to be an important component of their decision-making process. The best-performing social media sites for lead generation are reported to be Meta(formerly Facebook), LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Building trust

Besides generating leads, social media is very helpful to build trust with both your customers and leads. While this is hard to quantify, anyone who has used social media knows how it can help in this regard. If you know how to use it, it can be more genuine than other types of promotion, since it's more personal and direct than your website. Nurturing potential clients to the point where they want to buy from you is an important aspect of lead generation. You may accomplish this successfully by building trust.

Social media strategies suited for B2B lead generation

Now that you know how social media helps B2B lead generation, it's time you get introduced to the ways you can actually do it in practice. There are many lead generation strategies as you can see in the list, but the important thing is to follow through with the selected strategy to get the desired results.

B2B live videos

Video has a favorable rating when it comes to the ROI of 73% of B2B marketers. This is unsurprising considering that 80% of customers would rather watch a video than read a blog. To profit from video content, Businesses these days without investing any money, may utilize Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to:

  • make a corporate announcement
  • explain a new product/service feature
  • swiftly respond to consumer inquiries 

When making a live video on Facebook (or any other social media network), you must post it from your page many times. The time and date for the live video should be included in the banners and postings. Even your blog readers should know about the live and what you'll be talking about. 

In the live, Offer limited-time promo codes and other interesting information exclusively to individuals who view your videos. More prospective leads will thus share their contact information with you if you do it this way. It is also important that you direct them to a landing page where you'll request their contact information.

Targeted social media ads

Social media ads

Paid ads on social media advertising sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be great to reach out to potential consumers for a B2B company. When using sponsored ads on social media, carefully choosing a channel is critical. Each platform caters to a particular set of people and offers unique targeting options. Choose a social media marketing channel that will provide you the highest possibility of connecting with quality leads. Your ad's content will have a direct influence on reaction and conversions. Different images, sizes, and creative methods are required for each channel. The offers on the channels will be different as well. Following is a short classification of how each channel can act differently with respect to ads.

  • Facebook ads: Facebook paid ads target users by their interest. You often get high conversion rates for a high price.
  • Twitter ads: Twitter ads target users based on who they follow and their interests. One needs good experience to convert a large number of consumers with their help.
  • Linkedin ads: Linkedin Ads targeting makes use of the person’s job title and industry follows.

B2B discounts

It's customary for eCommerce businesses to use SEO campaigns and promote flash sales. Short-term product marketing can boost transaction rates by up to 35%. As a result, announcing an appealing B2B discount on social media alongside a link to the product page is a fantastic method to attract additional buyers. Users should be allowed to leave feedback on the product page's comments area. Interested customers must be able to visit your landing page from short-term discount deals. The leads can then be collected using the email registration form.

B2B contests

The conversion rate for B2B referral contests is extremely high, at 70%. It's no surprise that they aid in the efficient generation of potential leads. Customers often introduce your products or services to their network of trusted friends, family, and peers if you host a referral contest on a social media platform. As a result, holding a social media contest is a great method to market a product or service, raise brand recognition, and, most importantly, create leads for a company.

Consider an enticing offer (for example, lifelong access to premium gated content) to interest your consumers to refer you to their friends and family. It's also beneficial if you can get the help of a popular figure to promote the contest for you. Here are some tips regarding B2B contests.

  • Have a marketing plan in place that allows everyone to see what everyone else is doing to help your lead generation campaign succeed on social media.
  • Conduct a cost analysis to verify that you are not losing money by providing discounts or freebies. At the end of the day, your referral programme must be worthwhile.
  • It's a good idea to promote such contests on your website using an exit intent pop-up. Other places to promote such competitions include the banner at the top of your website, your blog, and your brand's social media pages.

Facebook messenger customer support

facebook massanger

Consumers prefer to communicate with a chatbot over an individual almost 54% of the time. Because chatbots can answer 80% of common inquiries, you're in luck with today's technology. As a result, without being obtrusive, Facebook Messenger may engage your prospects. This access to your company's information can be set to show on your Facebook business page. It's best to go with a Messenger chatbot that can integrate itself to your CRM. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software then stores all of your prospect's information.

Case study analysis

Case studies are an effective B2B marketing tool because they allow companies to demonstrate how their clients have benefited from their assistance. It's the most trusted content type among target consumers, according to 60% of marketers. Case studies are also a great way to promote your B2B LinkedIn business. You may use the caption to share a link to the case study and tag the client. It is important that using a link without any explanation on your posts, tell your consumers how your product or service overcame a hurdle or accomplished a goal. 

To entice readers to visit the case study landing page and download the information, you should give as many data points as possible, such as a 2X increase in lead growth or a 120 percent rise in website traffic. Use lead generating forms that automatically fill in the user's contact information, reducing the amount of time the individual spends downloading free stuff. When compared to other social media platforms, lead generation using Linkedin and case studies generates 2X the amount of leads for B2B firms.


As you can see, the right use of social media helps you improve your business's reputation. Apart from broadening your reach, it also helps you to assess the demands of your target audience, which you can then utilize to develop a solid business plan. If you truly want to succeed, you need to work with a reputable digital marketing business. Blinkbee is one such digital marketing company that has extensive expertise with social media. It also understands which information performs best where. We have clients all around the world, and all you have to do to get us on board with your brand management is approach us with a thorough list of criteria.




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