Social media is now booming as marketing platforms from creating and publishing content to reporting as well as for analytics. Social media marketers are involved in promoting on different social media platforms for business growth and brand awareness. If you are looking forward to boosting your customer engagement rate on social media, then you need to stay ahead of the crowd in the social media marketing game. Different tools are available that serve as potential online marketing strategies and organize your workflows. 

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

If you own a business in the recent competitive marketplace, then social media serves a major role in reaching out to the right audience for enhancing the sales rate of the business. However, to reach a wider audience base you need to make effective use of social media management tools for making your business stay ahead of the competition.

A dynamic presence on all social media platforms is essential for business growth and serves as the premium way to interact with the audience directly. This positively affects the customer engagement rate and sales rate. In this blog, we will elaborate on the distinct social media management tools that digital marketers use to generate more sales.

Delineating The Top Social Media Tools For Business


Are you planning to post that can reach a larger audience in the future? Hootsuite tool plan will help you to post on a wide variety of social accounts. With the help of this tool, one can do many other social things. In order to make effective use of social media tools, you can go for the pro plan on Hootsuite. If you are working on different projects simultaneously, then you need to select the business plan and enjoy different features effortlessly.

Hootsuite can be used as a comprehensive platform for monitoring multiple accounts and keywords. Connecting with more than 35 social networks it can be used to post in bulk.

Social Pilot

social pilot

Have you ever tried scheduling your public posts on social media? Social pilots give you the flexibility to schedule distinct postings according to the target audience and also with analytics. One can select the premium rendition of the tool for maximum functionality and enjoy various features for social media marketing. 

Having a client management feature works well for agencies that have several client bases. It is mostly used for its easy-to-use feature that digital marketers use for scheduling posts. The premium rendition of the tool automates scheduling content and assists in amplifying the customer engagement rate. A significant feature of the Social pilot is the white label reports that it helps to create can help in social media marketing. As the leading digital marketing company, Blinkbee offers several online marketing services to startups, businesses and enterprises such as SEO services, social media marketing PPC and many more.                



Buffer is a potential platform for seamless social media management and is a renowned tool used by many social media management companies. The tool is used by startups, small businesses and digital marketing professionals to assist in driving complete engagement on social media. The free rendition of the buffer enables you to schedule some free posts; however, you can get the paid rendition to perform unlimited scheduling. 

Our team involves professionals who have expertise in SEO services and have many products relating to analytics, engagement and landing pages. It provides solutions that are highly refined to assist social media marketers and teams work efficiently as well as effectively.  

Sprout Social  

Sprout Social

Having similar features to Hootsuite, Sprout social amalgamates different social media tools under one platform. It helps in social media scheduling, monitoring, and reporting content on a variety of networks. It is one of the well-known social media management tools that offer CRM or customer relationship management features. 

Sprout social enables digital marketing teams to create their social media calendars more engaging. With a complete profile of customers, the tool enables you to build strong relationships with them. The reports characteristic of Sprout Social is clear making them easier to download.

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