Youtube is regarded as the most popular video streaming and video sharing platform in the world. As a strong marketing tool, Youtube has gained significance since its advent due to its entertaining, inspiring and informative content. It is considered the second largest search engine that has vast traffic and various daily users. Youtube has played a significant role in marketing businesses of all sizes.  Besides helping businesses by improving their SEO, it also impacts positively the ultimate brand presence. 

As per the latest research conducted, it is seen that Youtube has more than a billion active users of different languages. Owing to its open platform that enables marketers to present their unique content, it is easy to share videos. Therefore, many businesses are opting for the Youtube platform for promoting businesses.  In this blog, we have discussed the different Youtube marketing agencies which have been counted among the top companies in India.       

Let's take a glance at the top-notch Youtube marketing agencies that assist you to create video contents for developing your company that have the potential to bring new leads and sales. One can find unique opportunities through ads placement and sponsorships. This will enable products, as well as services, reach to new heights of success. Herein we will lead you to different Youtube specialist services that will amplify your online business efficiently. 

The services include 

  • Video creation
  • Video ad placement and management
  • Cross channel marketing and tracking
  • Video ad management and placement
  • Youtube channel setup and management. 

Delineating The Top Youtube Marketing Agencies in India

Mentioned below are recognized as the top Youtube marketing agencies in India that are dedicated to offering Youtube marketing solutions to startups, medium scale businesses and enterprises.    

DMA Aka Digital Marketing Agency

DMA mainly focuses on the different aspects of online and digital marketing comprising PPC, SEO services, social media marketing, online reputation management and web development. The company has a well-consistent profile in delivering high-end services such as video SEO, Youtube advertising, influencer marketing, and Youtube marketing. 

Digital Marketing Agency not only assists a company in building a brand online but also establishes them to stand out from the competition. The team specializes in creating visuals, effectual channels, and other valuable content. The team comprises professionals who use effective marketing strategies to create newer ways to reach users and the potential target audience.


Blinkbee is the leading digital marketing agency in India that excel in offering PPC, Youtube marketing solutions, search engine optimization, social media marketing and effective technical SEO strategies that help to drive more sales, quality traffic, improve conversion rates and enhance your brand.     

As a remarkable digital marketing service provider, it comprises effective digital marketing professionals who follow agile SEO guidelines as well as recent innovations to keep updated with the latest techniques and trends. They always strive to offer high-end results by using the latest technology and modern strategies to deliver actionable insights.


Barracuda always offers a huge range of services from SEO solutions to digital marketing services, PR, PPC management, and many more. The company has expertise in distinct Youtube services like Youtube advertising, Youtube channel management, and video production. 

As a top Google premier partnering agency as well as a Youtube marketing agency, Barracuda helps monitor your video campaigns, significantly assisting in improving its performance by optimizing ads, helping in creating new assets and many more.